One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers

After the previous week, One Piece manga will be back on October 24th, 2021. However, some spoilers about every new chapter get leaked while the fine print is done. Thus, like others, One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers are now available. The spoilers were revealed on October 20th at midnight. Hence, we’re here to cover up all the spoilers of this new chapter.

A Glimpse Of Chapter 1028:

Before starting with One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers, let’s briefly look at the previous chapter. Chapter 1028 gave us some great content about Sanji. Additionally, it also revealed Queen’s true Devil Fruit power. Furthermore, the CP0 also made their moves in this chapter. Also, Momonosuke and Yamato are now on their way to protect Wano from Onigashima collapsing on it. Moreover, this chapter showed Sanji’s potential and how great of an asset he’d be for the future Pirate King Luffy.

Sanji (Image: Wallpaper Access)

One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

Most of the fights on Onigashima are now over. Conclusively, the Pirate-Mink-Ninja-Samurai alliance has the upper hand. The Straw Hats have defeated Tobi Roppo. Also, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have defeated Perospero and Jack The Drought, respectively. However, the remaining forces are capable enough to turn the tides of this war. While Luffy is fighting Kaido, Kid and Law are facing Big Mom.

On the other hand, Zoro, Sanji, and Killer are facing off against King, Queen, and Hawkins, respectively. One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers are mainly focused on the fight between Hawkins and Killer. Furthermore, the title of the chapter is Tower which is one of Hawkin’s moves.

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Queen And Sanji

Since the previous chapter showed Sanji in an indestructible form, Queen throws some light on Sanji’s existence. The Plague Calamity says that Vinsmoke Judge– Sanji’s father, always talked about creating weaponized children. Hence, Queen considers Sanji as one of his father’s creations. However, Sanji seems upset about this inference by Queen. Since he despises his father and his family, Sanji is shocked about the changes in his body. Thus, he tries to flee from the battle to think about his current state. In contrast, Queen chases him and repetitively asks Sanji to show his raid suit. The One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers have surprised the fans about Sanji running away from the decisive battle.

Eustass Kid And Trafalgar Law Vs. Big Mom

The SuperNova duo is giving a hard fight to Big Mom. Though she’s one of the Yonkos of the sea, Kid and Law don’t have any hint of fear against her. However, Eustass Kid is on the verge of defeat. Additionally, he’s facing some severe headaches and is constantly getting bruises from an unknown source. One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers give some panels with the fight scenes between these three.

Eustass Kid (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Killer Vs. Hawkins

Hawkins has had the upper hand throughout the fight against Killer. Since he has attached one of his life to Kid, Killer is having difficulty handling the situation. Furthermore, Hawkins is the reason behind Kid’s headache as Hawkins keeps on butting his head. Also, Killer cannot fight with all his might, as the damage he does to Hawkins gets transferred to Kid. However, Killer finds a way to deal with Hawkins. One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers has thrown some substantial light on Hawkins’ Devil Fruit power’s defects.

The Two Questions: Tower Card

The battle between Killer and Hawkins is shown dramatically in the One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers. Since Killer has found the loophole to defeat Hawkins without damaging Kid, he asks Hawkins two questions. The first one is What will happen if the damage he does has nowhere to go? Hawkins responds that this can’t be the case as all the damage is transferred to Kid. On hearing this, Killer cuts off Hawkins’ left arm. Since Kid doesn’t have a left arm, all the damage is taken by Hawkins himself. Secondly, Killer asks Hawkins what’ll happen if he eliminates Kid’s straw doll. To which Hawkins responds that he’s already done it. Conclusively, Basil Hawkins reveals his ace card, Tower. However, before Hawkins makes his move, Killer defeats him.

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One Piece Chapter 1029 Release Date And Where To Read

One Piece Chapter 1029 is set to be released on October 22nd for Japanese readers. As for the global release, the chapter will be released on October 24th, 2021. The manga is officially available on Viz and Manga Plus globally. The chapter also informed that there would be no break next week.