One Piece Chapter 1026 Delayed : Release Date and More

The manga has been revealing new surprises in every chapter. We get to see the link between Zoro and Ryuma. Sanji is also compared to Lunarians by Queen. Eichiro Oda (writer of One Piece) has also confirmed a lurking legend in the Wano arc. We still aren’t sure whom he mentioned as such. With Tobi Roppo defeated and possibly the last battle between Luffy and Kaido close, chapter 1026 would be worth waiting for.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Preview

Chapter 1025 showed Momonosuke as a large dragon. His purpose was to carry Luffy back to Onigashima. This chapter of One Piece gives us a throwback to Punk Hazard. It could’ve been Oda foreshadowing this event. All of Tobi Roppo is defeated by the Straw hats crew. Luffy was ready for a rematch against Kaido. To reach the top floor of Onigashima, he needed help from Momonosuke.

Chapter 1025 preview (Image: Reddit)

Shinobu aged Momonosuke to an adult so that he’d be able to carry Luffy. Momonosuke turns into a large-sized dragon. He gets afraid by his own height as he’s still a child by heart. Momonosuke starts facing vertigo before reaching the top floor. He collapses his head first on each floor while doing so. In this chapter, we see the fight between Kaido and his daughter Yamato coming to an end when Luffy reaches the top in front of Kaido.

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What To Expect In One Piece Chapter 1026?

Oda may try to delay the last fight even more. He could show the fight of Sanji and Zoro facing King and Queen. Though chapter 126 of One Piece may not contain the final fight, it would be kicking off. We are yet to see the mystery of Zoro, revealing connections with the Ushimaru clan of Wano.

luffy and adult momonosuke
Luffy and adult Momonosuke

This arc has been the longest in manga history. Oda has mentioned that we’ll get to see the greatest fight in anime history after this arc. One Piece has constantly caught the hearts of many fans through its diverse storyline. There are many possibilities of what could happen next. With the end so near, we could expect another great chapter next week.

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Why Was Chapter 126 Delayed?

Oda has been writing One Piece for 21 years. This has taken a toll on his health. Due to his health, he’s been recommended for rest after every three weeks. Oda pours his heart out while writing. He always makes sure that his fans get the best part of the manga world. Thus, chapter 126 would get a week delay and would be released on September 26th, 2021.