One Piece Chapter 1008: Oden’s Back: Release Date and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1008 is on its way and is highly being anticipated by fans. The last chapter had some fantastic scenes and ended on an intense cliffhanger which left the fans wanting more. So when will the new chapter be updated?

One Piece Chapter 1008 Release Date

Sadly, fans will have to wait for a while before the release of the new chapter. Every three weeks, the author goes on a small break or hiatus, which means that the latest chapter releases after an extra week. Therefore, fans will not be able to avail chapter 1008 before the 28th of March, 2021.

The manga is available to read on the Shonen Jump section of Viz media. For now, your best option is to re-read the old chapters and make theories about what happens next!

What happened in the previous chapter?

In the previous chapter, a big mystery was revealed. [Spoilers ahead] The mysterious person helping the Red Scabbards turned out to be none other than Oden Kuzuki. This was a massive shock to everyone.

Return of Oden
Return of Oden

The chapter features Chopper as well, who discovered the Ice Oni Plague antidote. The chapter also shows Chopper’s battle with the Queen of Plague. With the help of Marco, Chopper gave the Queen of Plague an intense slap causing her to release the blood from her mouth.

The chapter also showed Kai changing into his hybrid form, but the scene was cut quickly to another, and fans could not get a full glimpse of what was happening. The chapter ended on a significant cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering what will happen next.

One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers

For now, no spoilers or raw scans for Chapter 1008 is available. The spoilers are often released just a few days before the official chapter. Since the chapter release is not till much later, even spoilers or scans will not be available for a while.


Hopefully, we get some form of update soon enough!