One Piece 987: Will Kaido Die Or Turn Into A Dragon?

As we know that no delay is announced in the release of the next chapter, fans are happy. The One Piece 987 will be releasing this week without delay. In the last chapter, we encountered an attack on Prince Kaido. Therefore, the chapter 987 will continue, and we will be able to reach to a conclusion. This article includes all about the spoilers of the One Piece, chapter 987. Without wasting any time, let us begin to discuss about what will come next.

SPOILERS of One Piece 987

The upcoming chapter is all set to feature Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy. It is suspected that Kaido will win a war between Beast Pirates captain Kaido and Big Mom captain Lin. The fight would take place in the Land of Wano.

Moreover, the chapter will open with the continuation of the attack on Kaido by the Nine Red Scabbard. As Kaido gets attacked by samurai jump, he remembers the time he was almost killed. In the war against Kaido and Lord Kosuke Oden, Kaido was killed by Kosuke. Moreover, Yonko’s scale could be broken by Kinemon, Denjiro, Raizo, Kawamatsu, the Kappa, Ashura Doji, Kiku, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Ryou all gathering their powers.

Not to forget that normal Scabbards can’t kill Kaido. However, the swords of those scabbards would not take him down totally. But, hearing Yonko screaming in pain, Kaido and his mates helps him. However, Hyogoro and flower, along with Yakuza, tries to resist them.

One Piece Chapter 987
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The tragic thing would be that Yamato will attack her father. However, Ulti stops her from doing that. In conclusion, Yamato announces that she will fight for the Straw Hat Pirates alliance. As we go along, we will find that Carrot and Nami are freed. They are unbeaten in the running from Big Mom’s union.

Then after the fight, Kaido will tell Dressrosa about everything. Kaido is not concerned about the blood he is loosing. But, he says Dressrosa about how the Nine scabbards attacked him. He also tells Dressrosa what Luffy did to him.

The alliance of Kaido won the battle. However, Kaido predicts that they would face tragic betrayal soon! Meanwhile, Kinemon says that no matter what Luffy did, he is the man. Luffy is the only one who would do anything to protect the man of Land of Wano. Moreover, the future King will declare a war between both Yonkos.

That’s it about the spoilers.


The One Piece 987 will be releasing on August 10, 2020. You can read the chapters on VIZ, Shueisha’s Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump app.

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