My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 304 Release and Recap

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 304 release begins with Yali Fiona meeting with her students. My Wife Is A Demon Queen follows Xiang Ye, who married the demon queen on her trip. In the most recent chapter, My Wife Is A Demon Queen, a student approached teacher Fiona and inquired about the commander’s well-being. The pupil extols Fion, claiming that she is the finest doctor in The Empire and would heal the commander. She insists on Fiona informing her of her commandership. Fiona explains that Xiang Ye administers medicine to treat commander Sophisas’ outward wound, but his body has lost its spirit.

Sophisas drained his abilities, yet the healing magic works on him briefly. Xiang Ye asks what would happen, and Fiona responds that she is unable to intervene. The higher-ups are taken aback by Fiona’s inability to save a dying Sophisas. Fiona shows that healing magic does not become effective on soulless humans. The pupil is concerned that the commander would die at any moment and attempts to rouse him up by asking him not to abandon her. The dwarf king instructed Fei and Xiang Ye to assist Sophisas even if spending everything they had in the Dwarf Kingdom. Xiang Ye informed them that he had another method for healing the commander. Fei is concerned about the commander’s condition since Xiang Ye’s technique is dangerous.

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Xiang Ye and Isabella decided to heal the commander with the God Stone. They put on rings, and Isabella learns that their devil has handed the ring down from generation to generation. The two clasp one other’s hands and activate the rings’ power. They are taken aback when they see a red light and understand that the mending process has begun. The commander is being treated, but he is unconscious, and Isabella detects warm breath. She used Xiang Ye to cast a spell.

Something is wrong with the commander, according to the two. Xiang Ye observed the commander’s hand twitch and informed Isabella. He approached the commander and inquired whether or not he was awake. After sweating, the commander awakens and hugs Xiang Ye. He expressed his gratitude to Xiang Ye for his survival. After seeing that the commander is perplexed, Xiang Ye goes with the flow. Isabella notices that the commander has re-awakened. When the commander inquires about this planet, Xiang Ye observes that he is still thinking about what happened. The commander assured Xiang Ye that he would protect him no matter what happened in the world.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 304
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After Xiang Ye moves, his partner enters, and the lady hugs him. The woman sobs, relieved that he is still alive; the higher-ups enter the chamber, overjoyed that the commander is still alive. Since Martin’s students were capable, the king had no idea how to reward him. The woman feared that the commander might never awaken, so she cast a healing spell to ensure his total recovery. Commander Sophias afterward recovered utterly, and he is no longer fatigued. They are perplexed as to how Xiang Ye accomplished this feat. Xiang Ye responds that it is something they have been working on but has not yet been released. He instructed them to keep it a secret.

Release Date

My-Wife-Is-A-Demon-Queen Chapter 304 will be released on September 23, 2021. This manga releases chapters on weekdays, with new chapters accessible every two to three days. Xiang Ye is relieved that his God Stone secret succeeded, and the commander is back in form. My Wife Is A Demon Queen’s next chapter is just around the corner.