My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 327: Rest, Everyone Takes Rest For Once

My Hero Academia manga chapter 327 is titled REST; as the name suggests, this chapter is all about our favorite UA class 1-A, Heroes taking a break.

The last few chapters had a severe plot, Deku against his classmates, everyone against Izuku at UA facility, and All Might questioning himself. Due to so heavy plot MHA community seriously needed a break. Therefore, chapter 327 will lighten the mood and bring the plot to a normal state.

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 327 Plot:

In Chapter 327, Class 1-A is having a hot bath after uniting with Deku. This brings memories of old arcs as they strengthen their bond.

The chapter starts with Kaminari, Sato, and Kirishima telling their friends to keep the water temperature to 42 degrees celsius and then taking Izuku to the bath with Ojiro, Sero, and Minata joining them. They strip him down out of his torn, dark, horrible costume and toss him in the pool after soaping him.

Bakugo was also there with his intense sense of humor, telling others to scrub Deku with a metallic brush. He says everyone was still his rival, as he is still aiming for the Number One Spot. One thing is different; he is not addressing Midoriya as Deku but with his real name Izuku that shows how much he has changed since the beginning of the series.

My Hero Academia Deku And Dynamight
My Hero Academia Deku And Dynamight
Image: TOHO Animation

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The story goes on, and after a bath, everyone gathers and discusses what lies ahead of them. Although some of them are worried about Shoto since his brother Dabi was involved with the league of villains. Still, everyone comes together and promises to GO BEYOND to make this world a better place than before.

The chapter concludes with Endeavour trying to figure out why Hero Killer Stain is helping heroes. Endeavour also mentions that they have only one more month to take the battle to Shigaraki and All For One.

Stain (Image: Netflix)

About My Hero Academia:

Written by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia is a manga about how a quirkless (someone without power in the MHA world) boy, Izuku Midoriya will become the number one hero. The manga began its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2014.

One day while roaming through city Izuku met the person he admired the most, the number one hero, All Might. After a chat, he gets to know how All Might was also quirkless at the start. Impressed by the kid’s attitude to help others in need, All Might choose Izuku Midoriya as his successor and the next user of ONE FOR ALL.

About MHA Anime:

Season 5 of My Hero Academia anime adaptation finished its airing on September 25th, 2021. Soon after the release of the last episode, MHA Season 6 was also announced by Toho Animation.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, the latest anime movie in the franchise, premiered in Japan on August 6th and will be releasing in the US on October 29th, 2021.

Where To Read Manga Chapter 327?

Fans can enjoy the latest MHA chapter officially on Shonen Jump App and website for three weeks for free.