My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Release Date, Spoilers and More Updates

It’s speculated that the My Hero Academia Chapter 326 has been delayed. And that the manga will be on break for this weekend. Since no official confirmation has been made from the My Hero Academia team if the MHA chapter 326 is delayed or not. But some unofficial sources claim that it is the case. This can be true as official Viz Media and Manga Plus show the original release date as scheduled for the MHA chapter 326. Still, no spoilers and leaks have surfaced on the internet, which only happens when the series is on a break.

Why Can This Be True?

Usually, spoilers start surfacing on the internet 2-3 days before the official release date. But since there are no spoilers available. It suggests to fans that MHA chapter 326 must have been delayed. A Twitter account, Shonen Jump News – Unofficial(@WSJ_manga), tweeted that MHA chapter 326 will not be released this weekend, and the manga series is having a break this week. Another Twitter account Atsu(@Atsushi101X), has said the same thing. The series is on a break and will resume in the next issue, #42 of the WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP(tweet). However, no reason has been given as to why the break is given, but it seems like it’s just a usual break because the manga will be resume next week, which means Horikoshi’s health is all good.

My Hero Academia Class-1A
Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya IIda, and Shoto-Todoroki from Class 1A
(Source: My Hero Academia)

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What If Sources Are True?

If what sources claims are true, then fans have to wait a week before they can taste MHA chapter 326, which gives fans more time to speculate what will be happening in the manga. However, if they are false and the chapter releases as scheduled. They will not have to wait for it. The latest MHA chapter 326 will be freely available to read on the Viz Media application and website along with the last 2 chapters.

What About My Hero Academia Anime Next Episode?

Only 3 anime episodes are left to be aired. The third last episode, Episode 23(Episode 111) of My Hero Academia season 05, is releasing on Saturday, September 11th at 10. 30 PM BST. So for anime fans, it’s not a thing to worry about. But is My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Delayed? The confusion will be made clear soon.