My Hero Academia Chapter 311: Release, Expectations, Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will be delayed due to the Golden Week. Chapter 310 showed us Izuku meeting All mIght. As such excitement for chapter 311 was on the edge. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer for the new chapter.

Born quirkless in a world where everyone has superpowers, Izuku Midoriya still dreams of becoming a hero. Due to his genuine nature, All Might- the no.1 hero- chooses him as his inheritor and thus starts Midoriya’s journey of becoming the no.1 hero. Written by Kōhei Horikoshi, it is one of the most famous mangas currently in production and the recent chapters have made it even more interesting.

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Release

BNHA releases a new chapter every Sunday. However, this Sunday will be dull for BNHA fans as Weekly Shonen Jump takes a week-long break due to Golden Week. Due to many holidays falling in a week, the week through last of April and first of May is a holiday. Hence, the 23rd issue will be out on 10 the May and we can expect chapter 311 then.

A Raw Scan from the Manga (Image: Medium)

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 311?

Shueisha publishes the manga so netizens can read it on Mangaplus. The English version is also available and it can be read on VIZ. The latest three chapters are free for all but you would need a premium account to read the previous installments of this fan-favorite.

What do Fans Expect from Chapter 311?

Fans expect to learn more about AFO. Also, it is expected that the manga will tell us more about the relation between AFO and OFA. Now that we know who the first user was, fans want the mysteries around these two quirks to be revealed. Though we have no spoilers or scans available now, we expect them to drop by in the following weeks.

Chapter 310 Synopsis

Chapter 310 showed a woman with a mutant quirk being saved by a young boy. This young person turns out to be Midoriys himself who comforts the woman and explains that the woman is not a danger. Then he meets All Might who hands him a food container. After this the scene changes and we saw Deku overlooking a city with the fifth user-Daigoro Banjo- by his side. Deku explains that unless he uses his powers fully, it will be next to impossible to beat Shigaraki and his league of Villians. Read th articles here for more info about the manga.


Chapter 311 will surely bring a lot of thrill and action to the table. With Deku working as a Batman-vigilante and All Might aiding him, we have already seen some awesome development in the manga. Now chapter 311 will surely live up to its hype so lets wait, fingers crossed.