My Hero Academia Chapter 305: Release Date and Raw Scans

With revelations old and new, many are waiting for the upcoming drop of My Hero Academia Chapter 305. The previous chapter of the manga caused great excitement among the viewers that they cannot wait to read more. Lucky for them, Chapter 305 is on its way!

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 is set to release on the 14th of March Sunday. It will be available at around 11:00 am EST or 9:30 pm IST. The chapter will be available on the following sources:  Viz Media, Shonen Jump and Mangaplus. We always encourage the readers to access the chapters on the official websites as a way to show support to the creators.

My Hero Academia Chapter 305
One for All Deku

Highlights of Chapter 304

Chapter 304 of the Manga mainly focused on Deku in the vestige world, and though he could stand, he could not communicate with the users in the world. Deku comes to know that he is 40 at the time of his death and the All Might notes the manner of his death. Deku also learns that the One for All quirk cannot be held by humans anymore. This means that Deku becomes the last successor that would hold the One for All.

Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 305

Official spoilers or raw scans of Chapter 305 should be available 2-3 days before the chapter’s release. As of now, there are no such spoilers available. However, there are a few speculations going around the internet on what can be expected from the chapter.

The last chapter ended when Deku was still unconscious, so readers believe it will continue on a similar path with more revelations about the One for All quirk. The readers hope to get some thoughts from Deku himself if he gains consciousness in the latest chapter.

Let us read and find out! Spoilers are expected to drop on 9th or 10th March!