‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 297: Release Date And Predictions

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will be delayed as the manga goes on a one-week break. This new chapter in the manga will emphasize on dealing with the previous battle’s aftermath while introducing a new arc as well. My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will reveal everything about what happened with the Pro Heroes after their battle with the League of Villains. Even though there haven’t been any official leaks from the new chapter, here are a few predictions for what might happen in the next few chapters!

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Predictions

In the previous chapter, the manga revealed the names of the heroes who sacrificed themselves during the PLF war. Aside from Midnight, sadly, many other heroes also perished. The focus of Chapter 297 is most likely to be on the heroes who survived with severe injuries and pay homage to the ones who suffered their untimely demise.

It will also probably reveal the truth about Gran Torino’s unfortunate death, BlockToro noted. Ochaco Uraraka may also decide to leave the hero business after witnessing all the destruction and harm. Uraraka’s behavior has been a bit weird as of late. My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will expose her true identity and confirm whether or not the rumor of her being the real Himio Toga is true.

Chapter 296 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Visual Art. Image Source: Wiki Fandom.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 opened as the heroes, villains, and civilians dealt with the battle’s aftermath- with wavering spirits. The ones who survived, defended at the frontline, while the others gave it all to stop Shigaraki. Alternatively, the Near High-Ends colluded and started their disruptive maneuverings. Surprisingly, the heroes arrested 16,929 individuals, including super-villains Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress, barely saving the day.

On the other hand, including Shigaraki, 132 civilians escaped. Meanwhile, the supporters of Paranormal Liberation Front were kept in custody, isolated and left to ponder upon the thought of quitting, disturbed by all the death and destruction. Shigaraki’s mysterious revival was finally explained, and broken-hearted Yaomomo, Mina, and Kirishima mourned their fallen superhero.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Release Date

With enemies getting stronger and the allies getting weaker, what do you think our heroes will do? Will more heroes quit the business, or will the civilians lose faith in their saviors? What will happen in the next chapter? My Hero Academia Chapter 297 is expected to be out on Sunday, Jan. 17, on VIZ Media, MangaPlus platforms, Shonen Jump, and other websites. Fret not; the answers to these questions will be revealed, sooner than later, but until then, stay tuned for more manga updates!

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