My Hero Academia Chapter 288: Recap, Raw Scans, Spoilers & More

It’s worth mentioning that My Hero Academia’s incredible franchise after over 6 years of its release is still a hot topic in the 2020s. The news of the fifth season of the anime series scheduled to premiere in Spring 2021 left every fan who’s dying of ULTRA-curiosity to know what’s next, reading the manga series. The current controversy is over My Hero Academia Chapter 288 about to release and it would allegedly reveal many things. Let’s have a look at some leaked raw scans to satisfy that curiosity of yours.

Fun fact: Remarkably, the manga won the 2019 Harvey Award for ‘Best Manga’.

Before That Here’s A Synopsis Of MHA—

Almost everyone wishes to be a hero, whether it be a hero at home or a hero at work. Imagine if that wish of yours is attainable in a world where having Quirks—superpowers is prevalent. But even in this world, there are rarities—quirk-less people. The story of My Hero Academia revolves around Izuki Midoriya, one such admirable fellow without any quirks of his own but still wanting to be a hero nonetheless. And he fulfilled that dream after encountering All Might—Japans Number 1 Hero. With his help, Midoriya joins U.A. High School—a prestigious school that enrolls heroes in training. The resilience of Midoriya is tested at every turn, but he persists and breaks through the difficult exams and acquires the Pro hero’s license. Everybody gets a kick out of a selfless MC (Main Character) without superpowers becoming a hero, right?

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Key Visual Art For This Article. Image Source: Wiki Fandom.

Previously In Chapter 287—[Spoilers Ahead]

The previous chapter gave us a lot to mull over—a different world of the psyche. A lot of information entailing the various Quirks and its users made it a highly informational chapter.

The Most Important Information Revealed About How Quirks Work—

A fan said, “This chapter really reinforces how quirks are actual physical aspects of a person’s physiology. How they at their core are a part of a person’s biology.” So one can actually see the remnants of the past users of OFA (One for All).

On the other hand, AFO’s ability must have taken a toll on him—as his ability to rob others of their quirks and leave them quirk-less must have erupted feelings of hostility. Contrarily though, if AFO discards the stolen quirk, there is no such thing happening.

Previously On My Hero Academia Chapter 287: About How Quirks Work, Manga. Image Source: YouTube.

Recap Of How Deku Ended Up In The Realm Of OFA—

Losing his temper, we see Deku charging at All for One after he scorned Kacchan’s sacrifice for Deku. ‘As a viewer, I see that as a motivated rage to protect rather than a destructive rage.’, says a fan.

But inside Shigaraki, All for One was waiting for this opening all along. When Deku and All for One touch, Deku finds himself in the realm of One for All. Shigaraki—who is in actuality restrained by All for One, urges Deku to leave. And then Nana Shimura appears to help Deku. All the other past OFA users approve of Midoriya’s essence/ideal and lend him their powers.

Nana Shimura, All Might’s Teacher, And Past PFA User, Currently Dead. Image Source: Pinterest.

Tomura is blindly enraged by seeing his grandmother, Nana Shimura. And his quirk is eroding the ‘OFA World’. AFO is trying to steal his power. Nana Shimura and the original OFA user protects Tomura and Deku. Afterwards Deku &Tomura are falling from the sky out of the realm of OFA.

As MC Izuki Midoriya returns to the real world after his precarious save in the realm of One for All or the vestige world. We will get to see him rejuvenated and bolstered—after the events in the realm of OFA.

My Hero Academia Chapter 287: The Original One for All. Image Source: YouTube.

When Will My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Release?

According to’s schedule, the next chapter of the MHA manga series will release on 15th October 2020. You can read it online on Viz.

My Hero Academia Chapter 288: Fan Art On Pinterest.

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Will Tomura Shigaraki Survive?

After being abused by AFO and being severly injured by the intense scuddle in the realm of OFA will Tomura live? As he has the super-healing quirk, chances are he will. The metamorphosis was incomplete, so AFO’s hold over him is probably no more for a short time perhaps.

Let’s await the next chapter for more! Stay tuned.

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