My Hero Academia Chapter 281: Delayed or not?

Every week we come across a new chapter of the manga My Hero Academia. The manga created by Kohei Horikoshi. Moreover, the genre of the manga can be described as an action series. The publication of the manga started in July 2014. The manga chapters are ongoing since. A total of twenty-seven independent volumes of the manga are out. The storyline of the manga is distinct yet interesting. However, the release of the next chapter got delayed. Let us have a look at the release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 281. Moreover, have an insight at the recap of the previous episode.

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 281 release?

The upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia will not come out this week. The MHA is on a two-week break. However, the fans do not have to wait much for the next chapter 281. My Hero Academia Chapter 281 will be releasing on August 23, 2020. Yet, the time is a lot for die-hard fans. But, the good thing is that chapter is releasing this month.

Moreover, the chapters of My Hero Academia are published twice a month. The chapters are published in Weekly shonen jump magazine. For the spoilers and raw scans, fans have to wait till a week. We can probably get the scans and spoilers around August 19-20.

The official twitter account handle of the manga posted:

Recap of chapter 280

Mina headed towards Gigantomachia’s mouth in the opening of the chapter. Mina had a plan to give the sedative filled in the can. However, the Gigantomachia, after reminded of his sole mission, goes away. So, Mina was unable to do anything.

Then after Mt. Lady have held the Gigantomachia’s mouth wide open. Moreover, in the whole chapter, Gigantomachia is pushing away all the mind-blowing heroes. The pro heroes of the series are nicknamed as gnats by Gigantomachia.

Moreover, there comes the point when the monster crushes Mina. However, Mina’s friend Tetsutetsu and Kirishima arrives and helps her in time. While Kirishima tricks Gigantomachia into dropping the can, Mina asks Tetsutetsu to help him. Meanwhile, when Gigantomachia runs away to Shigaraki’s location, Himiko Toga comes by. He starts attacking Kirishima. In the meanwhile, the canister got broken. Then after Kirishima throws the backup dose, he had straight to monsters throat.

Finally, the chapter ends with showing the lousy situation of Shigaraki. Shigaraki is rising slowly!

Wait for the next chapter to know what happens next.

Where to read?

The chapters of the manga are available on the websites. The sites are Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump application.

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