Let’s Stay Together A Brand New Manga Coming Out Next Month!

Let’s face it, there is just something about the out-of-the-world shoujo mangas that make them soo damn engrossing and super addictive to read. Whether it is the spectacular portrayal of perfect guys like Usui Takumi or a sweet and kind love story like Kimi No Todoke, regardless of the characters, In the end, it is the feelings that really matter and their portrayal through the mangakas’ world. Even if our characters are far from being perfect, the devotion and the love between the protagonists is what really gets our hearts going. Therefore, to kickstart your pacemaker, a brand new manga Called “Let’s stay together” is all set to make its debut pretty soon.

Here it is again, ladies and gents, another high school love story. Although, from the name of the manga, it might seem like “love” is going to be an underlying premise, but Let’s Stay Together isn’t as simple as it might seem. As the title of the story pretty much dictates, the plot of the show will revolve around two high schoolers with no prior feelings for each other whatsoever, decide to well Live together, very normal right? Now, as to why they’re living together is a mystery. The answer to which can only be found out after you read the new manga series hitting the shelves on the 3rd of September 2021.

Now some of you might think that the plot is quite simple and obvious, but when we look at the author who’s writing this new series, it becomes pretty clear that the plot is going to be purely unique. Let’s Stay Together is actually the work of none other than Mogusu Sensei, who is also credited for writing some of her previously well-known works like  Koikimo or It’s too Disgusting To Call This Love, the story which portrayed a complicated relationship between a high schooler and an adult.

Now, if you’re a fan of her work and her portrayal of characters, you would also be quite aware that Mugosu Sensei is notorious for writing quite some scandalous plots, which sometimes end up getting her name in a bad highlight, however, at the end of the day these are just stories, written for pure amusement of the audience and nothing else. Ofcourse it does depend a lot on how we interpret them. Still, I personally thoroughly enjoyed reading Koikimo, and I’m sure that Let’s Stay Together is going to be just as amazing as her previous works. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye out for Let’s Stay together releasing this September!

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