Kingdom Chapter 679 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans and Read Online

It’s nearly two weeks, and fans are waiting for the new chapter of Kingdom. Since the last chapter of the title was released a little early, there is a doubt about the release date of the Kingdom Chapter. So here is all the information about the new chapter of the manga.

Recap For Kingdom Chapter 678

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Ba’in discloses everything to Shin and the others as they surge. The war zone spreads through the mountains, and the Qin are losing everywhere.

Ba’in and Shin are requested to join the left-wing and take Eikyuu since Zhao isn’t anticipating additional fortifications from the Qin after their dash of misfortunes. In the interim, Ma Ron visits the HQ of the Kan Ki Army and gives his reports on the current circumstance. He uncovers that the Hi Shin Army has shown up sooner than anticipated and accepts that they could design something if their way is obscure to the adversary.

Shin and the Hi Shin armed force at long last show up at the combat zone. General Gaku Haku Kou views the front line in a good way. He is shocked by the appearance of more Qin powers.

Then, Zhao is as yet annihilating the excess Qin. One of his instructions orders the sending of Zhao troopers to start an assault on them.

During this, Shin understands that the leftover Gyoku Hou troopers have not been murdered at this point. Also, the excess troopers are as yet battling while Ou Hon is oblivious on the ground.

Shin quickly orders the Hi Shin Army to move out to save them as he races to their salvage.

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Kingdom Chapter 679 Release Date and Where To Read 

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Kingdom Chapter 679 is all set to release on May 23 Sunday, 2021.

Japanese Manga English Translation can be found on the To Love-Ru manga site, and it will be ideal to trust that the authority delivery will help the creators.

Chapter 679 Raw scans and Spoilers


Raw scans for the new chapter of the Kingdom manga have not yet been released. These outputs usually surface on the internet 1-2 days before the weekly release day.

The scans and spoilers will probably be released by May 22, so don’t forget to check back to us with an update on that.