Kengan Omega Chapter 84: RELEASE Naidan vs Ryuki

Talking about the events from the previous chapter of the manga Kengan Omega: The battle between Naidan Ryuki goes on. Naidan keeps on smacking and blowing off Ryuki. Naidan blows off Ryuki to the ground using an uppercut. However, Ryuki manages to pull back him self using hair. Ryuki blows off Naidan using his knee, attacking his ribs.

A hurt Naidan pretends to be normal and grabs Ryuki. He starts smashing Ryuki to the in all over the ring. And he further warns Ryuki that he will kill him. A furious Ryuki gets up and grabs Naidan and throws him away like a paper ball.

What will happen to Ryuki and Naidan? Will there be any conclusion to their fight? To find that out, we have to wait to release the upcoming chapter of the manga Kengan Omega.

Naidan Blows Off Ryuki

Kengan Omega Chapter 84: Release Date 

The manga Kengan Omega has a fixed weekly schedule for the release of new chapters. Like always this week also the new chapter of the manga is all set to release on Thursday.

Kengan Omega Chapter 84 will release on Thursday, 5 November 2020. The manga is available on MangaOne.

In the upcoming chapter of the manga, the real battle is about to begin. Till now, whatever happened between Ryuki and Naidan was just a trailer, face-off.

So before we move ahead to find out what will happen in chapter 84, let’s take a quick look at the recap.

Quick Sneak Peek into Chapter 83

Everyone, including the commentators, are surprised to see the face-off between Ryuki and Naidan. Ryuki uses Goah Style Twin Dragon Charge while Naidan uses Grappling as a counter to his attack.

Naidan grabs Ryuki by his hair

Naidan pins down Ryuki after managing to counter his technique. Okubo feels pity for Ryuki. Koga feels that since he asked Ryuki not to kill Naidan, that’s why he is just holding back. But in reality, Ryuki couldn’t conquer to Naidan’s grabbing despite all his efforts.

Meanwhile, in the manga’s backdrop, Tokita Ohma and Gaolang say that Naidan is one of the strongest in their team, and no one can really match his strength. Meanwhile, Ryuki gets back on his feet. Naidan confronts Ryuki about all his attempts to kill people like him. Ryuki states that “worms need to be killed and grandpa Goah Mukaku said worms are evil”. To which Naidan replies by says that grandpa is wrong.

What will be the outcome of this fight? Who is going to overpower whom? For that, we have to wait till the release of Kengan Omega Chapter 84. Until then, Stay Tuned with us.

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