Kengan Omega Chapter 79: Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and More

Written by Yabako Sandrovich Kengan Omega aka Kengan Ashura is a Japenese manga series.  The series is typically based on Martial arts and has successfully aired seventy-eight episodes. While the last episode left many leaves unturned. Here is what Kegan Omega Chapter 79 could be all about.

Kengan Omega Chapter 79: Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 79 is set to release next month on Thursday, 1 October 2020. As it is yet to release it will not be available for the international fans anytime soon. However, we will update this section as soon as any updates of Chapter 79’s streaming is available.

What happened in the previous episode of the series?

Last episode of Kengan Omega introduced us to the Collectors who steal techniques from other martial arts. While Hikaru is all set to play offensive with Misasa, he is just trying to avoid the fight. Hikaru saw Misasa unprotected and thought it could be the best time to put up a good show with him. However, his plan didn’t work well as even after tearing Misasa’s left side of the face, Misasa was seen to only play defensive with Hikaru.

Later Misasa made it clear by saying that if he wants to take him down he can get on with it without wasting time. Unfortunately Misasa couldn’t help but tries to buy some time and figure his weakness out. Hikaru starts bragging about his invincibility while Misasa thinks him a ruthless idiot.

Kengan Ashuru

Kaike watches Misasa playing with Hikaru and judges his intention to end Hikaru at any opportunity given. However, it was already too late as Misasa landed her final blow which threw Hikaru on the ground. Hikaru left stunned sensing such an enormous amount of power in Misasa as he saw his face covered in blood while Misasa didn’t even get a scratch.

We’ll be back with the latest updates of another episode. Till then Stay Tuned with The Dead Toons

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