Kaya Tsukiyama Illustrator of Area No Kishi Releasing A New Football Manga

Let’s face it. There’s nothing quite like a good sports manga. In recent years we have seen mangas like Slam Dunk, Kuruko No Basket, Haikyu, Yuri on Ice and ofcourse Diamond No Ace make their spectacular performance. All of these mangas on different sports have left a special place in our hearts and have successfully given the shounen genre a new taste. However, our readers would be absolutely delighted to know that a new sports manga based on football is in town. Not to mention that this new surprise is being given to us by none other than Area No Kishi’s Illustrator Kaya Tsukiyama.

What Do We Know So Far?

Image: Crunchyroll

Kaya Tsukiyama, as mentioned before, was the leading hand and the illustrator of Area No Kishi. The series was fairly popular; however, it failed to receive as much recognition as the other animes of the sports genre. However, Kaya is all ready to set on a journey to begin a new project and his version of football.

There must be a lot of doubts in the minds of our readers, however, worry no more as we have got “Most” of the answers. One question that might be bothering you the most is whether this series will be a sequel or in some way related to Area No Kishi? Well, the answer to that is no. This series will be completely brand new, having no connections whatsoever with Kaya’s previous work. The only similarity between the two series is that both of them are based on Football.

Although, a concrete date of the series’s official release hasn’t been announced yet. The creators of the manga have confirmed that the new panels will likely hit the shelves by the end of this summer. Therefore, our best bet would be that you can expect a brand new story and, hopefully, an amazing one lined up for you by the end of September or early October of 2021. However, we would like our readers to keep their patience as we know how the world is currently in a bind, and the release date can always vary! Therefore, if you’re one of the fans of Area No Kishi, make sure not to miss this brand new take on Japanese soccer.

What is Area No Kishi?

Image: Crunchyroll

For all our readers who are unaware, Area no Kishi is actually a sports drama manga. Releasing in 2006, the manga had quite a successful and long run, concluding in 2017. The plot of Area No Kishi revolved around the story of two brothers adept and in love with the game of soccer. The show’s protagonist is Kakeru Aizawa, the younger brother of Suguru Aizawa, a prodigy in football. However, Kakeru quits the football team due to a traumatic experience with a leg injury and is now the current team manager.

However, Kakeru’s life is completely shattered when he and his brother get into a road accident that kills Suguru, and in turn, his heart is transplanted to Kakeru. Broken by the loss of this brother, Kakeru decides to fulfil his elder brother’s dream to one day win the soccer/football world cup.

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