Kakutani’s Joshi Kōsei Mahō no NoteBook Series

On Saturday, the KyoMAF event in KyotoJoshi revealed that Kenichi Kakutani’s Otona mo Shiranai Yume no Mitsuke Kata Joshi Kosei  Maho no Notebook series would be released later during spring. The Joshi Kosei to Maho no Notebook would be adapted into a manga, and an anime series called Joshi Kosei to Maho Note (High School Girl & The Magic Notebook).

Kenichi Kakutani's Yuzuki Shito
Mahō no Note series Yuzuki Shito Image: mahou no note wakasa

This was announced during the “Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021,” commonly known as “Kyo Mafu,” which began today in Kyoto City. Kenichi Kakutani, the president of Wakasa Seikatsu, released “How to Find a Dream that Even Adults Don’t Know” in July 2020 under the pen name Kenichi Kakutani. The plot of Joshi Kosei to Maho no Notebook series revolves around Yuzuki Shito. Yuzuki Shito is a second-year high school student who can’t seem to figure out what he wants to accomplish, and a fairy named Buru Buru emerges out of nowhere and teaches him how to find and achieve his goals.

The Joshi Kōsei to Mahō no NoteBook is part of a larger Mahō no Note series. Therefore, the second series Joshi Kōsei to Mahō no NoteBook, is expected to arrive on July 16.

Joshi Kōsei Mahō no NoteBook Series Synopsis

Yuzuki Shito is a second-year high school student who enjoys dancing. One day, Yuzuki’s first and third graders clash at the school’s dance club. Yuzuki plays an essential role as well. At a flashpoint that emerged in front of Yuzuki’s worried gaze was Buru Buru-Kun. Yuzuki approaches her ambition while making many people happy, thanks to magical notes and Buru Buru!

The anime and manga adaptations of  Joshi Kōsei to Mahō no NoteBook will occur in Kyoto, with Kyoto cooperating on the production. The animation will premiere in Kyoto in the spring of 2022 and will also be available on YouTube. The animeJoshi Kōsei to Mahō no NoteBook tells a narrative not said in the original novel. The CG anime will be animated by Noovo (Aoi Hane Mitsuketa! Sagashitemiy Mijika na Tori-Tachi).

All five episodes will be comicalized and released consecutively on the official website of Wakasa Seikatsu Bookstore, and stories that are not created in animation will be developed as well. The comic is being produced by creators from Kyoto’s Tokiwa-so housing project, which assists emerging artists.