Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 222 Spoilers, Release Date, Important Updates

Kaguya Sama Love Is War chapter 222 is being craved for by fans. The chapter ended on a cliffhanger and left readers craving for another one of the remarkable rom-com manga chapters.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 221

The previous chapter was very entertaining. It began with Kei inquiring whether Miyuki had ordered pizza, as he never did that usually. She asks if someone had come over, but he says no. We then see Miyuki in his room, utterly flustered over what happened. He can’t stop thinking about the touch of someone’s skin and how good it felt, and can’t believe his ancestors had enjoyed this too. Miyuki is also ashamed that he got excited and could hold out only for 20 minutes, thinking that Kaguya will thik of him as less of a man. He jumps on his bed and smells Shinomiya’s scent even on it.

Meanwhile, Kaguya is telling Ai everything that happened. Ai is surprised and shy but asks what happened. She didn’t expect the two of them to do something like this so quickly. Kaguya says that she couldn’t help it, it felt perfect, and the kisses overpowered her. Miyuki looked very cool when he said that they could take things slowly if she wanted, and her love rose to 100.

Kaguya Sama: Kaguya couldn’t control herself (Image; Chapter 221)

Ai then asks how it felt, to which Kaguya responds that it was incredible. Feeling someone’s skin against yourself is amazing, and she could get addicted to the feeling. Ai then says that she didn’t think the two would do it in the heat of the moment but wait for a special time.

Kaguya responds that it isn’t how she wanted, a special night on a special day; however, it didn’t have to be special. The feeling of letting themselves go and looking back to how reckless they had been was exciting. She liked the feeling of a normal romance. Ai wonders that ever since Kaguya fell in love, she had become increasingly like a normal girl.

Soon, Kaguya decides that she wants to do it all with him in the time she has left with the president, regardless of what others say and what the Shinomiya family thinks about it. She will walk and have lunch with him every day and not hide the relationship anymore, and she doesn’t even care that rumors would spread. However, before that, she would personally like to tell someone close to her, Chika, about the relationship.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 222 Release Date

Fans are anticipating the reveal. How will Chika react? What will be next in their relationship? And many more questions are hopping in our minds. Kaguya Sama chapter 222 will release on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

Where Can I Read Kaguya Sama Love Is War?

You can read the Manga on Viz or buy it from Amazon. Alternatively, you can catch them on the Young Jump Weekly app or the official Shueisha website.

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Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, the two top heads of the renowned Shuchiin Academy student council, have feelings for each other. However, neither is ready to confess to the other. They believe that the one to confess their love would be considered lesser. With their pride and honor at stake, the battle of minds to make the other person confess begins!