Gurazeni Spinoff Manga Going On Hiatus Due To Author’s Poor Health

We all know the stress of being a manga artist. The pressure associated with the job, writing an amazing story, and continuing writing to satisfy both their publishers and, above all, the audience, must definitely take a toll on an artist’s physical and mental health. Not to mention how they’re required to change their ways as the world progresses. Therefore being a manga artist is hard!

That is exactly why a lot of popular manga artists go on hiatus, for various reasons. For example, just recently, the highly acclaimed mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen also went on hiatus and took a break from his work to let off some steam. Similarly, a lot of authors, from time to time, need to take breaks from their hectic schedules to spend some time with themselves and their families.

However, nothing can be worse when one of our beloved authors takes a break due to their poor health! After all, health is wealth; therefore, whenever our beloved artists find themselves in sickness, it worries not only their loved ones but the fans as well. We all know how health issues have halted some of the best-known mangas out there, like Hunter X Hunter.

Image: Crunchyroll

Similarly, the beloved artist of Gurazeni is also taking a little break. The manga that features a realistic take on the world of baseball and how money plays a crucial role in a baseball player’s performance is as stellar as it is realistic. The first part of the manga has also been made into an anime series of 24 episodes. The author Yūji Moritaka and Yosuke Uzumaki are currently working on their second sequel, Gurazeni: Natsunosuke no Seishun, which is also a spin-off.

Anyone who has read the outstanding manga, especially the baseball fans, would agree that Yūji Moritaka and Yosuke Uzumaki have a baseball sense second to none. Therefore as their loyal fans and readers, we wish Yosuke all the best and hope for his speedy recovery.

Although we want to give a little relief to our fans that a lot of mangas and by a lot, I mean Hell of a lot occasionally go on hiatus. In fact, a hiatus gives manga artists a lot of time to think through their plots and ideas giving them and their bodies a much-needed break. So, no need to worry! Gurazeni will be back, better than it was ever before!

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