Fairy Tail: Happy’s Heroic Adventure Manga

Fairy Tail’s manga creator, Kenshiro Sakamoto, has recently posted an update on twitter. Hence, he revealed that the “Fairy Tail: Happy’s Heroic Adventure” is coming to an end. Adding to that, a spinoff manga is also going to come out in the next chapter, which is coming on April 2.

The manga is available in Kodansha‘s Magazine Pocket manga app. Sakamoto launched it in July 2018. The fourth volume of Fairy Tail manga will come out soon. Kodansha will ship it on October 9th. Creator revealed that the fourth volume is going to feature the end of manga’s “first part”. Other than that, the Fourth volume is the last volume having a printed release, and the resulting amounts will all be released digitally. The fifth volume is going to release digitally on 17 January.

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Fairy Tail: Plot

Kodansha Comics will digitally release the comic in English. Hence, the story is given as:

“Happy is summoned to another world, but surprisingly, the inhabitants of that world are not humans. In contrast, they are animals with matching ears and tails. In that world, a talking heart guides Happy. He flies around the place, helping the new friends he had made in that world. They include a small bunny, a fox, and also a dog that scares off Happy! It is a big mystery about what that place was and whether happy will be able to come out of it and return home to the rest of Fairy tail. This is the mark of a new adventure in an uncharted territory where Happy is the star.”

Fairy tail’s Mashima manga goes in the path of the notorious mage guild. This manga firstly came out in 2006 and was last published in July 2017.

Sakamoto’s Pitch-Black Ten manga is coming out soon in English in Kodansha Comics.

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