Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63: Latest Details!

Dragon Ball Super anime TV series is a sequel of Dragon Ball Manga. Akira Toriyama creates the manga. Shueisha’s shonen magazine started publishing the manga since 2015. The anime series aired from 2015 to 2018. Moreover, it had a total of 131 episodes in total. The manga chapters are still ongoing. The most recent chapter is chapter 62, which contains the fight of Moro and Merus. The final result will be shown in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63. Let’s find out when will the chapter release, and a recap of chapter 62.

About Android No. 8 the sixty-third chapter of manga

Murasaki let go of Android No. 8 from his cage. The expectation of Murasaki was for No. 8 to kill Goku. However, No. 8 denied. His concern was not to harm innocent humans. Red Ribbon Army was well-known for committing atrocities. Because of No. 8’s stubbornness, Murasaki has to do something. He threatened Android No 8 that if No 8 doesn’t do what he says, then with the help of the remote, he will kill No 8. The remote can operate the bomb, which is fit in the chest of No 8.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63
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Since in the last chapter, after Vegeta’s defeat, what can we expect? Have Moro already won? Or will Goku do something to protect himself and Vegeta?

Only Jaco survived beside all the Z fighters. Even Jaco tried defeating Moro. But, he didn’t succeed. Jaco gives his all effort to stop Moro from causing any more destruction. However, Merus is expected to be in this upcoming chapter.

Angel Merus arrives on the earth, wearing his patrol costume. Merus is all set to face Moro. Moreover, someone has to revive the superhero Goku. Let us wait and watch what happens next in the Dragon Ball Super. And how Goku regains his strength.

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Release Date of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

The next Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 all set to release on August 20, 2020. The manga Chapter will release a little late. Unfortunately, fans have to wait till next month arrives. However, the spoilers and raw scans will come out around August 18, 2020.

To read the previous episodes of the manga, you can visit the Shonen Jump App, Manga Plus App, and their websites. Moreover, you may find the chapters on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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