Dr. Stone Chapter 194: Release Date, Raw Scans, Plot, Read Online

Sakamoto, KochiKame, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shonen Jump is able to allure a large base audience and steal their heart. Dr stone is no way behind this trend. As soon as the manga was aired, it was able to take its place in the spree of the netizens, and each time a chapter was released, expectations for the next in line always step a notch higher. The anime conversion of the story has recently aired their trailer. That counts for double excitement for the fans.

Previously on Dr.Stone

episode 193
Dr. Stone Episode 193
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In the previous episode 193, the viewers witnessed that if everything goes according to  Stanly’s plan, Senku won’t have to sacrifice one of their own with none other than revival fluid. He also emphasizes that if the fluid is lost, the human habitat will be destroyed. Soon after all these happenings, Xeno changes into a stone after getting exposed to light rays. He comments that the kids on the other side have won this war and puffs a cigarette while his face turned into a stone. Meanwhile, Senku and his mates get into a protective state; as the episode comes to an end everyone gets turned into a stone. Nonetheless, Xeno wasn’t amongst the ones who got an effect on them.

Episode 194: Storyline and Plot Details

Dr Stone 194
Dr. Stone
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The new episode of Dr. Stone portrays the refurbishment of human habitat from its very first emergence. Each and every human has turned into stone. From the previous episode, it was confirmed that Stanly has perfectly executed his plan. Xeno might play a critical role here. It will really be compelling to see whether it s Senku or Stanley whom Xeno will revive first. This episode revolves around the higher evolution of Xeno as he is having a crucial task of de-petrification on his shoulders.

Dr. Stone Chapter 194 Release Date and Time

The die-hard fans of the manga can watch the new episode on April 25, 2021. It is also disclosed that breached spoilers and raw scans will be online by April 22, 2021. cybercitizens can read the latest chapter on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga without spending a single penny.