Dr. Stone Chapter 166: Xeno’s Checkmate or Stalemate?

With an exciting post-apocalyptic plot, “Dr. Stone”,  an original Sci-Fi Japanese manga series, appears to have virtually congregated a lot of fans worldwide. A lot of online speculations have surfaced. Fans cannot wait for Chapter 167. Even more so after the anime adaptation of it released on 5th July 2019 by TMS Entertainment.

A mysterious flash of light strikes one fateful day and just like a domino effect it petrified every human dwelling on the earth; i.e. turned them to stone. Somehow a teenage genius, Senkuu Ishigami, escapes petrification after several millennia and wants to recreate the lost technology. He wants to restore human civilization by kick-starting it with a focus on science.

Written by Riichiro Inagaki and fabulously illustrated by Boichi this story has the following promising plot-

This story revolves around how Senkuu gathers and earns the trust of some people from the Pre-Petrification World and tries to rebuild civilization. Senkuu discovers how to resuscitate petrified people using his own creation, ‘The Stone Formula’. But because of some events Senku, his friend Taiju Oki and classmate Yuziriha Ogawa unpetrified Tsukasa Shishio, a well known martial artist. Ultimately, a difference of opinion led Tsukasa to oppose Senkuu’s ideas and extort the stone formula from him.

Tsukasa coveted to build a new world based on Power and Strength, going as far as destroying all petrified adults he encounters. Betrayed by Tsukasa,  as Tuskasa believed Senkuu could create weapons he cannot defend against. Recovering and discovering a whole new tribe already living on this planet, Senku seizes this opportunity to create his ‘Kingdom of Science’ before Tsukasa can retaliate. Thus began the battle of ideal between Senkuu’s ‘Kingdom of Science’ and Tsukasa’s ‘Empire of might’.

Petrification [ˌpɛtrɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n]: the process by which organic matter exposed to minerals over a long period is turned into a stony substance.

Dr. Stone Kingdom Of Science. Image Source: Game N Guides

One of the noticeable perks of this manga series is that even though there is plenty of scientific and educational stuff, they explain it in such a way that makes it exciting for the readers. In Dr. Stone’s newest saga titled ‘The Truth Of The Petrification Saga’, the New America City Arc introduces us to Dr. Xeno, who is a prior NASA Scientist recently unpetrified.

Exciting news “Dr. Stone Season 2” will officially premiere on January 2021, here’s the promotional video:


Previously on the 165th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga:

In “Know the rules, make the rules “, Senkuu and Ryusui battle Stanley in the air in their respective aircraft. But it seems it was just a ploy by Dr. Xeno — The aerial battle was just a distraction to what lurks below.  However, Matsuzake seems to be vigilantly looking out and successfully spotted a ‘Submarine’ approaching.





Dr. Stone Chapter 165: The submarine spotted &  a bomb approaching. (Raw Scan) Image Source: Viz.

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Above, Senkuu figured out a way to defeat Stanley. Using bottles filled with harmless D.I.Y Acetylene Gas, he smartly stalled Stanley’s plane’s engine. Below decks, Mozu and Matsuzake seem unfazed by the Americans wielding guns.

Dr. Stone Chapter 166 Spoilers and Speculations: Is this Checkmate?

Combining modern and ancient moves, Mozu and Matsuzake fight the gun-wielding Americans with their swords and spears. Above, it seems, Senkuu’s aircraft also sucked up some gas. Comically, Ryusui, and Senkuu are also going down. Afterward,  Senkuu and Ryusui go to look for Stanley Snyder. But astoundingly, they find a squad member near the crashed aircraft.

Suddenly, Stanley bearing a revolver makes a surprise entrance, shocking the warriors who just finished up clearing the grenades thrown at the ship by Americans. Stanley destroys their weapons by shooting at them. Xeno pegs this as his ultimate checkmate using his ‘Knight’ Stanley Ryder. But is it really…? Read the manga to know more.

The Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 167 releases on 27th September. Till then, you can read chapter 166 at Viz.


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