Dokuhime No Hitsugi Manga Concludes In October This Year

The Poison Princess’s Coffin is a sequel of the manga Dokuhime. Dokuhime (The Poison Princess) consists of a total of five volumes. The manga started serializing form the year 2002. The serialization took place over the years till the year 2012. Till 2012 thirty-six chapters of the manga were published. Then after it ended, moreover, the sequel of the manga started serializing since the year 2017. Dokuhime No Hitsugi Manga’s official page announced that the manga would end this October. Let us have a look at more details of the manga.

Dokuhime No Hitsugi Manga will end this October.

The creator announced in July 2020 that the manga would end serialization in fall this year. The September issue of the Asahi Shimbun Publications‘ and Nemuki+ magazine confirmed that manga would end on October 13, 2020. Nemuki stated on Wednesday about the conclusion of the manga. 


Moreover, on July 19, 2020, the first book compilation stated that it would end with the second volume the same year. Since, 2017 the manga is published in the Nemuki plus magazine. And, the genre of the manga can be described as drama and fantasy.


The storyline revolves around the girl who ingested poison. Then after she becomes perfect for killing, all this starts when a newborn comes to the world. The poisons herbs are kept under the crib of the child. Then after these are under child’s clothes. Moreover, the milk is mixed with the herbs and given to the child. Therefore after ingesting all this, they turn into killing weapon.

The poison princess grants death. She can grant it to kiss, tear, and touch! However, if she fulfills her duty as an assassin, she can survive. She has to live in a hostile world.

Meanwhile, the most dangerous thing that heart can not withhold is love!

The synopsis is according to what My Anime List describes.

More about the manga

The writer Mitsukazu Mihara published The Poison Princess manga in the year 2002. The manga ran from then till 2012. That is a total of ten years. The sequel of the manga came in April 2017. Ever since, the manga is running. However, on the compilation of the first book, the announcement for ending the manga later this year came.

The Nemuki magazine publishes the manga chapters. Also, the Nemuki can be called Asahi Shimbun Publications.

None the less the anime adaption of the manga came in 2007.

If you haven’t read the manga, you must. You will love the story of the Princess of Death!

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