Cells At Work Baby Returns! The Manga Set To Resume Publishing This September

If you want a biology lesson in the most cutest, funniest, and innovative way possible, then Cells at Work is the manga for you. The manga, which by far is one of the most unique stories ever written and is seriously one of its kind, has garnered huge acclaim for its amazing portrayal of the role of cells in the human body, that too in one of the most entertaining ways. The popularity if the manga ended up earning the author not 1 but two anime contracts which our interested readers watch read on Crunchyroll.

Therefore, continuing the story of cells at work or Hatarakou Siabou, the author who had previously written the functioning of the human body recently made a spin-off manga that describes the working of the cells in a human baby! If you thought that the cells in cells at work were cute, then you would be absolutely dead with affection if you see the baby cells in Cells at work, the Baby version!

The manga focuses on how the baby’s cells protect the vulnerable infant from illnesses and as common problems such as diaper rash. The manga beautifully portrays how powerful the human body is even when we are just an infant. As the name suggests, the story literally describes the cells at work and will be a huge help in understanding your body and that too through manga!

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However, this intriguing and interesting series had been on a hiatus for almost 3 months leaving the fans greatly disappointed, but the wait is now over! Cells At Work: Baby is going to make its comeback in the next month soon, as the author of the manga Yasuhiro Fukuda officially announced on his Twitter handle while apologizing to his fans for the unexpected delay.

The new chapter of the manga will deal with the baby’s growth and some very common problems like diaper rash. Meanwhile, also focusing on the growing baby whose immune cells and antibodies from the mother’s milk have almost disappeared and how the infant’s body must prepare itself to synthesis its own antibodies to fight various infections out there. If you’re as excited to watch Cells At Work Baby, then make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscription lined up as the baby version of the manga is coming out next month in Kodansha’s Morning magazine.