Boruto Episode 167: Will Boruto Lose His Best Friend FOREVER?

The latest episode of Boruto made it clear that we are gonna lose one of the main members of the Team 7 of the anime. After a terrible fight with Kara’s Joker, Deepa, it is confirmed that someone from Team 7 will die. Please do not read further if you don’t want any spoilers of Boruto Episode 167.


Boruto Episode 167: What will happen in the next episode?

After being beaten badly by Deepa, the gang is now physically and mentally broken and unable to make decisions. Also, after knowing Mitsuki’s deadly conditions, the team has shaken to its core. Simultaneously, the joker like villain has already damaged half of their team, including Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. The villain has also killed Shinobi from its hidden cloud, dropping a message to the rivals that he will end everything Naruto and the gang have built over the years.

However, as Mitsuki manages to escape, it is quite impossible to tell if he is unbelievably weak beyond recovery. On one side, where Borutu and Sarada are working together, on the other hand, Orochimaru and Log is helping Mitsuki, which is obviously quite ominous as he is in a horrible condition.

Boruto Episode 167: Mitsuki’s worsening health

Boruto Episode 167; Credits: Crunchyroll

And as we all know, over usage of power has been a big problem for Mitsuki. Earlier, he was prohibited from using Sage Mode, but he used it anyway. Orochimaru knows how hard it will be to get the kid healed as his condition is getting worse by the day. However, Orochimaru still sees hope even after all the damage he has caused. One reason might be that it’s his creation, and he has put a lot of effort into making it and that he really can’t give it up on him.

No matter how he pretends to be a selfish person, deep down, there is a bond that they both share. Log there already knows that there is a very little chance of Mitsuki to make it out alive, at least not without a miracle. However, this part might not be played as written in the manga, but if Mitsuki dies, fans could see an all-new broken, dangerous, and griefing Orochimaru.

New Mitsuki on the way…

Boruto Episode 167; Credits: Crunchyroll

However, if Mitsuki does die, there might be a possibility where Orochimaru grows a new Mitsuki by placing his mind and before death memories to a different body that could, in the end, create a lot of mess in Boruto’s team, creating chaos more than anyone would have ever expected.

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Well, we are quite excited about where the new Mitsuki would lead to the manga.

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