Boruto Chapter 58: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read online

In the last chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we saw Konohagukure is once again on the brink of going to war. With more and more powerful enemies coming Naruto’s way, and Naruto once again conflicted between the duties of a father and that of a Hokage made the last chapter an exciting read.

The Story So Far And What To Expect From Chapter 58 (Spoiler Alert!)

Code and Eida in Boruto Chapter 57
Image: Viz Media

Chapter 57 of Boruto is what we can call the calm before the storm. All of us know that a big war is coming, and we see the five Kage Summit preparing for the worst. Code’s eyes are now fixed on Konohagakure village and, of course, on Naruto and Sasuke, and he means to draw blood.

Due to his immense hate towards Naruto and Sasuke, code will try anything if it means that he can kill those two. We saw this when he asks bug to wake up Ada even though Bug warns him that she is a potent being and she could easily go off on her own and that she might not listen to his orders. However, willing to risk it all, code forces bug to do as he says. After waking up, Ada most of the chapter revolved around their conversation where he asks her for help.

momoshiki otsutsuki-karma transformation
Image: Weekly shounen jump

Simultaneously, we saw a conversation between Amado and Naruto where Amado hands naruto the byakugan suppressing pills. Pills for Boruto so that he can suppress the otsutsuki powers, preventing them from taking over. However, the pills might not only blind Boruto but also, with prolonged use, end up killing him.  When Gaara asks naruto that if by an off chance the powers of okutsuki take over boruto, is naruto ready to do what has to be done. To which Naruto replies – “Yes.”

However, The okutsuki powers aren’t the only thing after Boruto. Before striking for Naruto and Sasuke, Code now has eyes on his new target – Boruto. Boruto once again is now looking at the face of the danger with an enemy that might be too much for him to handle. To see what happens next, make sure to read Boruto chapter 58!

Release Date of Boruto Chapter 58 and Where to Read Online And Raw Scans

Boruto Naruto Next-Generations Episode-94
Image: Crunchyroll

As we all know that the new chapters of the manga are released every month instead of every week like other manga. Therefore, fans are in for a long wait as Chapter 58 will now come out on the 20th of May, 2021.

Fans can read the latest chapter of Boruto on Crunchyroll and the weekly Shounen Jump from Viz Media. For absolutely free! However, fans should check the release date by the sites as well which may vary.

The raw scans of Chapter 58 haven’t been released as of yet. However, we might see them in the coming week. Be sure to keep following our post for updates and information on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Avid fans can also watch the anime in English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll, Viz Media, and 4anime.

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