Boruto Chapter 57: Manga Release Date and Spoilers

The happening world of the hidden leaf village has us all enraptured. From the pits of hell to the attainment of nirvana, Masashi Kishimoto has never failed to take us on a roller coaster ride! The writer of the world-famous anime/manga series, ‘Naruto’, has immortalized this piece of work. Now with the sequel, ‘Boruto’, the series has once again garnered immense attention and viewership.

The series has changed writers from Ukyō Kodachi back to the original writer Masashi Kishimoto. The release of the latest chapter of Boruto has created much buzz among the readers. Read this article to find out about Boruto Chapter 57 Manga Release Date and Spoilers.


Boruto Chapter 57: Manga Release Date and Where To Read

Boruto Chapter 57 manga release date is officially scheduled for 20th April 2021 at around 11:59 p.m. JST. The chapter will be available on the official websites of Viz, Mangaplus, Shonen Jump App Andriod, and Shonen Jump App Apple IOS. According to the official release time, the possible timings for various time zones are:

Pacific Time: 9:00 a.m. (Tuesday, 20 April 2021)

Central Time: 11:00 a.m. (Tuesday, 20 April 2021)

Eastern Time: Noon (Tuesday, 20 April 2021)

British Time: 4:00 p.m. (Tuesday, 20 April 2021)

*Note – These are estimated timings according to the official release timing and are subject to change.

Chapter 57 Spoilers, Raws, and Scans

The hype is real and we can’t wait to get our hands on the expected spoilers of Chapter 57. While some of us hate spoilers, others love staying updated about the smallest of changes. Well, the only solution, for now, is to wait for the release of the official scans and raws. The spoilers will be out a week prior to the official release. We can expect the dates between 14th April and 17th April when the scans would finally be available. Therefore, for now, there are no leaks or spoilers for the eager readers.


Overview of Chapter 56

The plot covers the story of the next big villain CODE. Naruto and Sasuke are gravely injured and their major power-ups are gone, the Konoha village once again faces mortal dangers. The chapter builds up the character of Code, along with his backstory describing his insane amount of power. With the defeat of Kara, Code is the only surviving member. However, his potential is enough to wreak havoc and trigger destruction in Konoha. As Boruto faces new enemies and harder battles, his survival game is going to undergo an unexpected change.

Will Boruto be able to protect Konoha? Stay updated to catch the latest updates!

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