Boruto Chapter 49: Know The Possible Plot And Other Details

This week Boruto Chapter 49 will give chills down the spine! Kashin and Jiraiya were close, Kashin is deep down thinking about Jiraiya. As Kashin is in the town, let’s hope that Naruto gets to meet him. Isshiki is out in the city. Fans are expecting a marvelous fight in Konoha. Let us find what Sasuke and Naruto will do to protect the village.

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Recap of Chapter 48

The members of Konoha village, including Naruto, learns about the link between Karma and Isshiki Otsutsuki.

In the ongoing battle, spectators witness the awakening of Karma on Jigen after that Kashin forced Otsutsuki to activate his karma for his survival as Jigen isn’t strong enough. Isshiki has a few days left to live.

Issihiki is stronger than Jigen. However, Jigen got vulnerable after his fight with Naruto and Sasuke. In conclusion, to Isshiki and Koji’s battle, Isshiki won. Moreover, Issihiki Otsutsuki possesses unique power. The right eye of Isshiki is his source of energy. Dojutsu allows to shrink everything into another dimension. The shrunken object can be enlarged whenever needed. Kashin Koji realizes after the fight that he is too weak. Isshiki can live only if his karma is packed into a sturdy vessel. Naruto and Sasuke are defenders Konoha. As Issihiki unleashes to Konoha, let’s hope Naruto and Sasuke can defend the town.


Spoilers of Boruto Chapter 49

The defenders of Konoha are all set to fight against Isshiki. The face-off will take place in this chapter. Moreover, Shinobi, Hokage, and many others are preferred. In conclusion, if the defenders don’t find out Isshiki’s next move, then it would be disastrous. However, if they would figure out in time, then Konoha may be saved.

Boruto Chapter 49
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In the past, we have encountered Kawaki and Boruto’s fight. The final battle will be between Isshiki and Shinobi. To find out more when the Boruto Chapter 49 comes out.

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When will Boruto Chapter 49 release?

Boruto Chapter 49 will be releasing in the upcoming month. The chapter is scheduled to release on August 20, 2020. The chapters are out at midnight.


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