Blue Lock Chapter 147 Recap, Release Date, And Spoilers

The football-themed manga has been well-liked and admired. Blue Lock provides various exhilarating football matches with absorbing character developments. Chapter 146 left us with a cliffhanger between the battle between the Itoshi brothers. Let’s see what the next one provides us.

Blue Lock Synopsis:

After Japan gets eliminated in the 2018 FIFA world cup, the authorities take a stance. The Japanese Football Association hires the enigmatic and eccentric coach Jinpachi Ego. Blue Lock has been well received by football enthusiasts. Jinpachi selects three hundred strikers throughout Japan and isolates them in a prison-like facility. The new 2022 Japan team would be chosen from these players. However, there’s a condition that if any player loses, then he’d have to give up their hope of ever representing Japan.

One of these strikers is Yoichi Isagi. Blue Lock revolves around this character. Isagi had failed to make his team qualify for the nationals. He’s now joined the facility to overcome his failures.

Yoichi Isagi (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

What happened in Blue Lock Chapter 146?

The match between the Japan U20 team and the Blue Lock team is concluding. Sae Itoshi has been unstoppable throughout the game. Even in the 90th minute, he’s still advancing towards the goal with utmost precision. In comparison, Rin Itoshi shows us a different egoistic side of himself.

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The Battle Between Itoshi Brothers:

Sae and Rin have been playing football since childhood. As the younger one, Rin is always soon as a shadow or a supporting character of his elder brother, Sae. With the showdown coming to an end, Rin has developed his egoistic nature even more. Both the Japan U20 and Blue Lock teams have three goals each. The final moments are almost there, and Sae has the ball with him now. Sae passes each character diligently, and Rin is now standing against him. Both have dedication in their eyes, and none of them can lose at this point of the game. Chapter 146 shows us Itoshi Rin- The Egoist.

Itoshi Sae
(Image: Reddit)

Blue Lock Chapter 147

With the game’s conclusion almost there, this chapter of Blue Lock will be 30 pages long. Thus, Chapter 147 is speculated to end the excellent match between the two teams, and we’d get to see the winners.

Potential Spoilers:

Rin has shown tremendous character development through this match. His eagerness to face off his brother Sae has been worth a read. The two of them are now facing each other in the ending minutes of the game. Chapter 147 will show us how Rin Itoshi stops his brother for the first time in the match. Sae’s ego would be utterly affected by this, while Rin’s would be escalated. The Egoist Rin Itoshi has now emerged hungry for a Kill.

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Release Date:

Chapter 147 of Blue Lock will be released on the weekly schedule, i.e. September 22nd, 2021. Since the chapter would be 30 pages long, an exciting and satisfying end is expected. Chapter 147 could be officially read on Kodansha.