BLACK CLOVER Chapter 303: Family Always Wins

Our long-awaited battle between the Silva siblings and Megicula is ready for us to read! In chapter 303 of the Black Clover manga, Megicula is finally defeated by the combined attack of Nozel and Noelle.

The chapter starts with Nozel feeling useless because he was unable to help his dying mother. Acier was cursed by Megicula, which weakened her and left her on death’s bed. And even though Nozel knew this, he couldn’t help her because he was cursed by Megicula too. Instead, he had to see Noelle’s birth be blamed for Acier’s death.

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It was excruciating to see how helpless Nozel was in this situation. He had to watch his mother die slowly, and he was incapable of doing anything about it. I can’t begin to imagine his frustration.
However, after his mother’s death, he wishes to avenge her and protect his siblings. He knew that Nebra and Solid were growing stronger but believed they weren’t ready to fight Megicula yet. Meanwhile, Noelle asked him to train her, but he refuses and shuts her out.

Shortly, he faces off Megicula and decides to give it his all. At first, she withstands Nozel’s attacks but notices that her blood is fizzing and the mercury had entered her body. Nozel manages to destroy her body but couldn’t tarnish her heart as the mercury breaks upon contact.
Megicula is convinced that a mere human like Nozel can’t destroy a Supreme devil’s heart. But soon, Noelle joins him, and he realises how wrong he was when he decided to shut her out. He understands that they had to grow strong together. Then, Megicula is finally defeated by the combo attack of Nozel and Noelle and admits that she might have underestimated the power of humans. If there is one thing I like about Megicula, it is how gracefully she accepts her defeat.

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After Megicula dies, Acier’s soul is freed. She hugs her children and tells them that she is proud of them. The chapter ends with Nozel and Noelle crying. What an emotional roller coaster!
Another thing that I liked about the chapter is how they chose to show the whole story from Nozel’s perspective.

However, some fans believe that Megicula might not be dead yet, and only the part of her that got manifested is destroyed. It might be that she continues to live in the underworld, weaker.

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Interestingly enough, Some fans are also presuming that there might be some interaction between Asta and Noelle in the upcoming chapters.
Although Megicula is defeated, the tale doesn’t end here. The following chapters will include a whole new set of mysteries and plot twists.
After this incredible emotional ride, I know that I’m not the only one curious about the upcoming chapters!