Black Clover Chapter 286: Natch’s Resolve: Release Date and Highlights

Black Clover is a popular shōnen manga with an anime adaptation that has garnered significant attention from the audience. It is one of the best and highly rated series on the Shōnen Jump magazine. The various arcs and plots that keep escalating with new twists and turns make the storyline a fun-filled joy ride. The recent war arc has kept the readers on their toes with every character developing and showcasing their might. This article zeroes onto the upcoming Black Clover chapter 286 release date, which will turn up the heat yet again!

Black Clover Chapter 286 Release Date

The New Chapter 286 of Black Clover is all set to release on 21st March 2021. The chapter will be able to read on Viz and Mangaplus. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, information concerning release dates, spoilers, and much more!

Black Clover Chapter 286
Black Clover Chapter 286

Black Clover Chapter Chapter 285 Highlights

With the release of the latest chapter 285, titled ‘A Hellish Game of Tag‘, the Black Clover fans unlocked another page of the manga. Jack and Dante’s dual seems to be heating up whereas Nacht takes this opportunity to leave with Welgner to complete his mission. Natch and Welgner steer the two devils – Lilith and Naam away from the scene by entering a Devil I Union mode: Gallus. Gallus is successful in transporting the devils elsewhere and this incites the interest of Naam, who now wishes to take them on as their opponent.

Gallus hints at the beginning of this ‘Hellish Game of Tag’ and continues to trap Lilith and Naam in his Dark Prison Hunting Ground. Natch seems to have gained the upper hand due to his Dark prison which grew darker with every passing moment, making it difficult for the two devils to fight. However, he knew he couldn’t hold them off for long. As the battle continues, the devils grow fonder of the attacks and Natch is only so much able to evade. Natch seems determined to fight till death if it means stopping them to save the world.

Meanwhile, Natch recalls his time at the house of Faust. He is reminded of the two sons of the noble house. The younger son was a man of honor and loved by many, whereas the other twin wasted his life in drinking and smoking. The younger eventually joined the Magic Knights to help save people. On the other hand, the older twin used magic at his discretion for arbitrary use.

However, Natch asks his brother to join the Magic Knights for the betterment of the world. But to his dismay, his brother calls him a fool for saving the lives of humans. This is when Yami enters the seen beckoning Natch for a mission. Natch’s brother sneers at him to have joined hands with another weirdo. The chapter ends on the note of Natch returning with Yami. And his resolve seems to be more strong than ever.

Black Clover Chapter 286 Spoilers
Black Clover