Black Clover Chapter 285: Nacht is close to death?: Release Date and Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 285 is set to be released soon, and fans are excited. The current trajectory of the storyline includes flashy displays of strength and powerful battles. Each chapter is more intense than the other. The chapter had been delayed by a week and is now finally releasing.

Black Clover Chapter 285
Black Clover Chapter 285

Black Clover Chapter 285 Release Date

Every Sunday, a new chapter of Black Clover is released. However, there was a delay between Chapter 284 and Chapter 285. Chapter 285 is finally set to release on 14th March 2021 and will be available to read on  Viz and Mangaplus.

The chapter with English translations should be available by 9:00 am pacific time and 12:00 pm eastern time.

Recap of Chapter 284

Dryad, the Deity of Elves, appears in Elysia. She seems to have clairvoyance, but whether that is her magic or not is still unclear.

Patri talks about the Ultimate Magic that they are going to teach the kids; however, this kind of magic is only possible by elves. Humans do not have the ability to perform it as they possess too little magic. But, humans can still create ‘artificial’ Ultimate Magic from the absorption of natural mana via the Heart Kingdom.

The next part shows the Magic Knights battling low-ranking devils outside the Spade Kingdom’s castle. Suddenly the mid-ranking devils appear, and this is problematic as they are much harder to defeat. The latest batch of devils are stronger and deadlier than the others.

Spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 285

Official spoilers of Chapter 285 should be available a few days before the official release of the chapter, i.e., 12th March. Raw scans may also be available for the fans to access. As fans wait for the release or some idea of what may happen, they form certain speculations. Many believe that Nacht’s life is in danger and that chapter 285 may end with his demise. We will have to wait and find out.