Black Clover: Asta’s New Full Devil Form REVEALED

The regular followers of the manga Black Clover are aware that the manga is currently in a very intriguing phase. It took a lot of time for Asta to acquire his full potential. Since he has after the Grimoire Ceremony, it’s time for him to utilize his potential. 

Currently, Asta is heading on to a perilous and challenging mission. This mission will lead to Asta facing his own Devil. We will be witnessing Asta transforming into his true Devil form to achieve the milestones. 

Currently, the whole internet is going crazy about Asta’s new Devil Form. Let’s take a sneak peek into this new look and other updates on this. In this article, we will be sharing all the latest updates of Asta and his new devil look from Black Clover. 

Black Clover: Asta’s Devil Form!

Previously in Black Clover, the Dark Triad of Spade Kingdom captured Yami and Vengeance. The Dark Triad plans on opening the doors to the underworld by sacrificing both of them. Meanwhile, the vice-captain of Black Bulls’ take the responsibility of stopping this. He comes up with a plan to rescue Yami and Vengeance.


In order to execute the rescue plan, the vice-captain trains Asta to use his Devil power. During this training, Asta will finally unleash his full potential. This will make Asta the ultimate warrior of the Clover Kingdom. 

Asta begins training with Nacht to learn about the Devil magic. Before acquiring the Devil Form, Asta first needs to defeat his own devil. Doing so will help him power up his potential both physically and mentally. Asta makes a pact with his own Devil in order to use the Devil’s powerfully. During this rigorous training period, Asta finally learns about his Devil form and looks. 

Speculations about Asta’s Devil form is going all over the internet. It seems like the devil form will be a total reflection of Asta. But is it so?

Previously in Black Clover, we only saw a part of Asta’s Devil Form. Although it does look like Asta but it is completely different. As of now, only the facial look is revealed. To see the full Devil’s body form, we need to wait till the next chapter. 


What’s Coming Up Next? 

Although Asta’s Devil Form is completely unveiled, there’s still a lot more coming up next. Asta’s Devil is going to be completely different from the other devil we have seen till now.

In the upcoming chapters of the manga, many things will be revealed about Asta’s Devil. What kind of abilities and powers does the Devil form possess, his true name, feelings about Asta, and many more. 

It will be a lot more exciting to witness all these new revelations.

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