“One Piece Odyssey” Bandai Working On A New Project

One piece is a name that every manga and anime fan has heard of. A name that has held the crown of “The King Of Shounen,” and rightfully so! Being the best-selling manga ever to be made and holding the Highest selling manga of the year for a record-breaking 12 years is by no means a small feat. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the still ongoing series geniusly written by Eiichiro Oda is in the works to launch a brand new project! However, it seems that even after almost 25 years of its successful run, the partners of One Piece still have plenty of surprises left for us.

What Do We Know So Far?


As many of our readers might already be aware, Bandai, the world-famous Japanese toy and former video game-making company whose name you must be quite familiar with, has launched a partnered project with none other than Namco titled “One Piece Odyssey.” However, details regarding the project’s contents and what it’s all about have been left out.

As the fans might already know, the launch of the partner project was released last year on July 16. However, any details regarding the project were successfully left out. But! If one could guess, then our bet is pretty high that the two big names might be planning to release a brand new one-piece video game or app titled One Piece Odyssey.

Although some fans are pretty sure that the two are working on a sequel of the previously launched game Titled One Piece Word Seeker, we are still unsure.

So? Should We Be Excited?


Well, not to disappoint our readers, but the project is still pretty much a mystery. Although the possibility of a new video game is pretty high, the chances of whether it will see an international release, however, are pretty low.

As we all know that most of the manga-created games are only for the Japanese audience, so unless you’re planning to fly out to Japan, I would suggest holding your horses! However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot get excited, right? Therefore, if you’re interested to know more about One Piece and the brand new project One Piece Odyssey make sure to keep following our posts to get new updates and the latest information.

Where To Watch One Piece Online?

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