Attack On Titan: The True Villian Revealed! Spoilers!

Attack On Titan put out a large list of possible enemies, but none of these enemies was as hard as this one. Chapter #130, title “Dawn For Humanity”, put out that our once good and heroic Leat fell into a more villainous character. But now, the truth slowly started coming out. Also, Eren Yaeger is the most dangerous villain of the season.

At first, Eren Yaeger came out as a citizen of the Shiganshina District. But also he spent a lot of his time in the story disliking the demonized race of Titans. Especially those who are devouring the human population of the place. Later, he took up arms in The Scout Regiment. In that, the Most important of his mission was always to eradicate the entire race. But it until he started to consider the entire human race as the enemy.

But now, “Dawn For Humanity” has made an announcement regarding the inevitable through Eren’s memories. While readers assume that Eren is taking the villain side. But also, he wrote beyond the point of redemption. Even after his nefarious actions. Most of the fans of Eren feel this forced hero-to-villain Plotline emerged out suddenly of nowhere. Furthermore, the complete storyline is cooking up for this exact moment.

This incident is somewhat the same as the next-door neighbor who has a taste for craft beer. But he is not able to contain his emotion and wants to tell it. Eren gave permission to hatred for the titans. This was because of his defining characteristics. He is very proud to be a protector. And also, he likes this dependence on the presence of necessary something that humanity must be protected from. It tore him when the origins of the Titans came out.

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In the current chapter of Attack On Titan, Eren revisits the time when he saw a Titan consuming his mom. It was the time when he gives a declaration that he will erase the entire race. And also, it obviously becomes the turning point in his adolescent life. Once flashback ends fans finally are left with present-day Eren, This Eren is the one who sees Evil in all the races. Since the start, Eren only is going on by rage and vengeance. As he comes to “Dawn For Humanity”.

Same as various other fan favorites which include Death Note or Tokyo Ghoul, the writers here take suggestions from readers to use their own thoughts on the character’s actions. It is a better option than directly assuming the “heroes” are the most Noble.

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