Attack On Titans Chapter 133: Official Updates Announced

The previous chapter has shocked everyone. Fans loved the 132th chapter. It had unbelievable moments that one would never imagine of! If you can not process the fight of the previous chapter, then get ready. A lot is awaiting to come in the upcoming chapter. Attack On Titans Chapter 133 will have twists and turns.

No doubt that the plot twist in the previous chapter was crazy. Not all have processed it yet. Attack On Titan will conclude soon. As the manga is on the verge of ending, a lot of twists and turns will come. Any unexpected thing can come across. So cross your figures and stay put for everything. Fans are a bit sad as the manga will end son. However, the quality this manga provides is fantastic. Every chapter grabs the attention of the reader. Not only the manga offers a good story, but it also has fantastic artwork.

With this note let us know the release date of Attack On Titans Chapter 133.

Attack On Titans Chapter 133
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Release Date of Attack On Titans Chapter 133

The previous chapter of the manga got published on September 9, 2020. As the manga is monthly, the new chapters released every month.

The upcoming chapter will release on October 9, 2020. The release date is as per Japan Standard Time. Note that the release date differs little as per the different region. The chapter are available digitally on different platforms.


Last chapter came with a huge twist. There two main characters were dead. One protagonist was dead, and another villain was dead. Fans can not still come out the void left by the death. Levi is the most affected character by this incident.

We might see Levi in action in the upcoming chapters. The spirits of Hange after her death gets reunited with the Survey crops members. It was an iconic scene.

In the place of Hange now Arwin will act. However, it is going to be tough for him. Let us see how the fight between friends turn out. Will humans succeed in destroying the titans? Or the titans will rule the world once again? To have a thrilling climax read the chapters.

You can read the chapters on ComiXology or Crunchyroll.

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