Attack On Titan Requiem: 2nd Part Released

Attack on Titan Requiem is an alternate ending to Hajime Isayama‘s original work. This ending is depicted by fans who want a positive one. Attack on Titan has been on every list of great anime. It has made its place in the hearts of fans through its atypical storyline. Not only has the franchise gained such popularity throughout the world, but it also made its place as a must-watch anime.  The action-packed anime had a fairly good response from its viewers when its last chapter was released on April 9th, 2021.

Why was Attack on Titan Requiem made?

There was a split decision between the fans whether the ending was satisfying or not. Attack on Titan writer Hajime Isayama had made it clear that he would stick with his storyline irrespective of what the fans wanted. Some accepted the ending, but some didn’t. A group of AoT fans has now made an alternate ending. This fan-made ending is termed the AoT Requiem.

Attack on Titan Requiem

Attack on Titan Requiem is supposed to comprise three parts.  These three parts replace the original last three chapters. Two of the three chapters have been released as of now.

Part 01 (Image: AotnoRequiem)

AoT no Requiem Part 1

The first part of Attack on Titan Requiem was released on May 29th, 2021. The chapter starts with a young Eren waking up to an older version of him. The elder one explains the origin of Ymir. Then, we get to see the Zeke-Armin conversation. Eren still thinks to get freedom, he’d have to sacrifice the whole world. This time though, Armin would be there to stop him.

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AoT no Requiem Part 2

The second part of the alternate was released on September 10th. Instead of any action, we got to see the relationship between Eren and Historia. Eren was on the verge of sacrificing the world when Armin proposed having a different way could save Paradise island. The Attack on Titan Requiem would end in a way that Eren would eliminate all the threats to Paradise Island. He and Historia would be living peacefully ever after with their child.

Aot no Requiem part 2 teaser (Image: reddit)

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AoT no Requiem Part 3

The Attack on Titan Requiem page hasn’t officially announced any date for part 3. It took about four months to release the 2nd part, so we could expect the 3rd one to take more time. An alternate ending to make everyone happy isn’t a bad idea. The chapters can be read on the official page of AoT no Requiem.