Attack On Titan: Did Eren Really Eat His Dad Grisha?

Attack On Titan gave us a hit about how the lore of the franchise is. This will be extremely difficult to spread the plot for newcomers. Eren’s father Grisha is one of the major characters in the story. He is the power holder of the Attack Titan. When Wall Maria wad breached, he came out to have confronted the royal Reiss family of Eldia. The power of the Founding Titan is with Frieda Reiss. She denied helping control the Titan attack taking place. Grisha took a change and fought a battle. Later he devoured her and her power. Also, he destroyed everyone in the clan besides Rod, who escaped.

But the question now is, Did Eren Yeager really eat his own father? This manga became a huge hit after it came out in 2009. Hajime Isayama is the creator of the manga. It is set in a world when humans take shelter behind the walls of the huge city in order to protect oneself from these man-eating “Titans.” The peace breaks down when the outer wall is takin in by the Colossal Titan.

The main character of the show, Eren along with his friends becomes the part of the Survey Corps to avenge. As the story proceeds the real meaning behind the giants, the city and the larger world slowly comes out.

Attack On Titan after the anime adaptation in 2013 became one of the most popular anime series. The show is very addictive and the audience binge watches it. The show has huge action scenes and also its plotline really involves the fans. Soon, the upcoming fourth season will reach the end of the show. This anime franchise is also the main source of various video games.

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Apart from this, it also has two live-action movies from Japan. Even though these adaptations came out with an average review because of their various changes to the narrative. A live-action American movie is still in progress ready to come out, but there’s no confirmed news on when it will actually come out yet.

This is obviously a very important part of Attack On Titan’s story and hence set up many important points for moving in the front. It’s also important to give a thought about how Eren went from watching his mother Carla consumed by a Titan – who further is Grisha’s first wife Dina – to later being coming out into a giant and eating his own father; that’s a big issue here.


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