Attack on Titan Chapter 139: Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online and Countdown

“Attack on Titan” or “Shingeki no kyojin” is a name that has been reverberating for quite some time now. After Naruto and Bleach, this manga truly deserves to be a part of the “jewels of shounen” category. The Attack on titan season 4 was by far the most anticipated anime of 2021, and the hype was definitely worth it. With the manga running its final course, the fans are eagerly waiting for chapter 139 to be released soon.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 139

With the manga approaching its final chapter, it is hard to say how the story will actually end. After all, we can only speculate the outcome. Overall, all we can say is that the series ending might be a bittersweet moment for the fans. With a story loved by the audience worldwide, it is hard to make an ending loved by all, but let’s wait and find out!

Attack on titan season 4 part 2 will be released by the end of the year 2021. However, manga readers are advised not to spoil it for the anime watchers and sit back and watch as the series unfolds.

Anime fans can also watch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll, Animixplay, 4anime, and Viz Media.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Release Date and Time

Attack on titan season 1
Image: Funimation

Attack on Titan chapter 139 will conclude the manga and be the final chapter that the fans will ever read. The brilliant masterpiece written by Hajime Isayama has become one of the best-selling mangas of all time. Attack on titan chapter 139 is all set to be released on 9th April 2021, concluding the manga into 34 volumes. Fans can read the latest manga chapters on Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

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Attack on Titans. A titan heard heading towards a member of the survey corps.
Image: Funimation

Attack on Titan revolves in a world where humanity is going extinct. Giant humanoid monsters called “Titans” suddenly appeared out of nowhere over 100 years ago and began devouring humans. The nearly invincible titans purged on humanity, driving the species near to its extinction. The last of humanity made a final stand and built three giant 50 m walls and named them “Maria”, “Rose”, “Sina”.

For over 100 years the humanity has been living inside the walls for protection. Some embrace these walls, believing them to be a gift from God, while some want to break free from them. In the end, none of it matters. After 100 years of living in peace, the inevitable happens.

The huge Colossal Titan (55m) and the Armoured Titan break the outer wall, the wall “Sina”. As the walls break, humanity is once again reminded of its weakness against the ultimate threat.

Eren’s mother being eaten by a Titan
Image: Funimation

Attack on Titan is a story about Eren Yeager, who lives with his family inside the outer wall. Eren loses everything when the titans finally break through the walls destroying his home and brutally murdering his mother.

This is Eren Yaeger’s story, who vows to exterminate every last one of the titans and take revenge for his mother.

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