Attack On Titan Chapter 132: Will Armin Change Sides?

We know that the Attack On Titan manga is hitting towards the climax. There is no doubt that the manga is fabulous. However, the latest chapter 131 was the best chapter of the manga. It can be regarded as almost the whole chapter. In the starting, Eren and his mates started the adventure. Chapter after chapter, the story evolved. The Titans forgot about the humankind after the devastating history. However, the determination of Eren to explore the outside world invited the demons back. After everything how the story took a twist and turns. And how will it end? Let us have a look at the release date of Attack On Titan Chapter 132. And little recap about the previous chapter.

When will Attack On Titan Chapter 132 release?

Chapter 131 of the manga will be released on August 7, 2020. The manga releases every new chapter on Friday. After the Attack On Titan Chapter 131, manga took a break. Therefore, this week there was no release of the new chapter. Unfortunately, the next chapter will release after a month—a bit of bad news for the fans.

However, the climax would be epic! So, it is worth a wait.

The Attack On Titan Chapter 132 will release on September 9, 2020. However, the chapter will release in Japan. After a day, the chapter will be released everywhere else.


Let us gather all the patience we have until the next chapter arrives.

Moreover, the raw scans will be available before three to four days of chapter release. So, dang! No spoilers yet.

About the previous chapter: ‘Rumbling.’

Two kids named Halil and Ramiz are thieves. They steal the money to have a better future. As titans came to knew about the humankind. They are approaching the woods to kill everyone. However, Eren solely determined to destroy all of them. Eren wants to destroy the only beings who ruined humans earlier. Also, titans are set to ruin their lives now.

Eren will destroy all of them!

The titans surround Halil and Ramiz. Meanwhile, both of them tries to escape. However, the titans crush them under their feet! Nothing except soil remained there!!!! Anyone who would come in the way would have vanished like those boys.

Eren is disappointed by the world he saw. He thought that there would be a beautiful world outside. But, unfortunately no humanity existed beyond the wall. Armin meets Eren. Armin still has faith that there is something beyond the walls they are unaware of.

How Eren fights Titans, and what would be the result? Read the next chapter to unveil.

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