Act-Age Manga Last Chapter Cancelled; Know Why

The writer of the Act-Age Manga was accused of physically assaulting the middle school girls. The writer Tatsuya Matsuki got arrested. The Viz Media officially announced the final chapter would not release. The Shueisha posted a statement in Japnese about the cancellation of the manga. Moreover, the company posted the English translated comment. The official statement also posted on the Manga Plus website.

How unbelievable it is that even after so much reputation, someone can go this down. Every girl or woman must raise a voice against anything foul they come across. In some countries, people fight for lifetime to get justice. Still, there is no positive outcome. The action by the Japanese government and police is commendable.

The writer arrested by a policeman. Moreover, Tatsuya did not deny the accusations. The case is going on. However, the result will come soon. Because of the assault, the publishers announced that they would not publish the manga at all.

About Act-Age Manga

Act-Age Manga was a hit by writer Tatsuya Matsuki and artist Shiro Usazaki. The serialization of the book done by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga series started publishing from the year 2018 to August 2020.

The English translated manga chapters were published since 2019. Manga Plus platform published the English translated series. The first three chapters of the manga were published under the “Jump Start” initiative then after the chapters started publishing according to the simulcast calendar.

Act-Age Manga
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The characters of the manga were:

  • Kei Yanagi
  • Sumiji Kuroyama
  • Yuki Hiiragi
  • Chiyoko Momoshiro
  • Arisa Hoshi
  • Akira Hoshi
  • Araya Myojin


Kie Yanagi is the main character of the story. She is determined to be an actress. Kie lives with her siblings.

All the brothers and sisters are living alone. Their father left them. Moreover, the mother died.

Kie went for an audition. Her acting was speculating. Although, the viewers found it self-destructing. They were concerned that this would result in self-harm. Therefore, she remained unselected.

Meanwhile, the director Sumiji Kuroyama comes into the picture. He focuses on elevating the potential of Kie. Then after the actual life of Kie begins.

Have a look at the tweet by the official page of manga:


The hit Act-Age manga of the writer Matsuki has ended. Moreover, the publishers of the manga removed it from their websites. Matsuki indulged in physical harassment. Therefore, the Act-Age manga editors and staff decided to stop further release. Whatever happened is a social responsibility.

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