Manga Plus By Shueisha: Now In French!!

France is the largest manga-consuming country globally, and this is great news for the French audience. After releasing Mangas in English, Spanish, Indonesian, and many others, Manga Plus would now dub the Mangas in French. Since it’s hard to get hands on enthusiasts who’d be dubbing the manga from Japanese to French, a delay was caused for French release. However, all the problems have now been solved with the French publishers, and now, people can enjoy reading in their native language.

Shueisha’s Manga Plus:

Every Otaku knows about Shueisha. It is the publisher of Shonen Jump and other light novels or picture books, and many more. The company was founded back in 1942, and it’s the leading distributor of Japanese manga. On January 8th, 2021, Shueisha released Manga Plus– the online answer for manga readers worldwide. The website provides a legal and safe location for manga.


What Was The Need For Manga Plus?

Manga Plus is an online platform where readers can read the original imprints of their favorite manga. Shueisha had many reasons to release this site. Some of those being:

Easy Access For foreign Viewers:

Mangas are easily accessible in Japan. One can find a comic shop within every couple of miles. However, things are different for foreign customers. Not only is it hard to get some hands on their favorite publications, but it’s also costly. It’s also not possible for companies to release manga worldwide every week. Shueisha noticed this and released Manga Plus so that foreign viewers could enjoy their love of reading without any discomfort.

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Protection From Pirated Websites:

Since there were very few ways to access weekly manga, a huge network of unofficial websites emerged. These websites did their job of providing new chapters frequently but risked the users’ privacy. There was no guarantee of a viewer’s privacy safety. Manga Plus, being an official site, provides manga through legal premises and guarantees safe data handling of the viewers.

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Supporting Original Writers:

We only see the result of a ton of work put behind releasing a chapter of the manga. The writers work day in and day out to provide the readers a scent of excitement. Shueisha had high revenue but a lot of employees as well. The writers of these mangas can’t get the fruit of their effort if people don’t read from the official sources. When readers started diverging to the pirated sites, the revenue got cut. Reading manga from Manga Plus would help the writers directly.

French Manga on Manga Plus:

Though Manga Plus releases the manga for free, it only provides the first and the last three chapters. The same would apply to the French audience. Since the French release has just started, only eight Mangas are currently available in French. The mangas could be read on the official site, or you can download the app from Playstore or Appstore.

Image: Dustan Youtube

The 8 Mangas to be released on Manga Plus:

  1. Black Clover
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen
  3. Kaiju no.8
  4. Mashle
  5. Mission: Yozakura Family
  6. My Hero Academia
  7. One Piece
  8. Undead Unlock