Lezhin Comics And Anime-Planet Announced Partnership!

Yay, there is a bit of good news for manga and anime lovers. Lezhin Entertainment has partnered with one and only Anime-Planet. Now readers will be able to read tons of Lezhin comics on Anime-Planet. From now on, Anime-Planet is an official platform to read comics of Lezhin. Exclusive content will be provided for readers online. One can legally read light novels, manga, and webtoons on Anime-Planet. God, this is so satisfying! Lezhin comics and Anime-Planet partnership has done wonders to fans and industry. Now and then, readers are looking for ways to read their favorite manga. This deal has added one more legal platform for readers.

What will one get from Lezhin Comics And Anime-Planet partnership?

Well amigos, with this partnership, you may have got a treasure. Haha, let us find out the real thing. Lezhin comics will feature hundreds of Webtoons on Anime-Planet portal. The content will be available the same day it would appear on the Lezhin platform.

One can read certain episodes for free on Anime-Planet portal!!! O my God, is this some crazy dream? No, it is not a dream mates. You can read the episodes of webtoon on Anime-Planet. And, then get a link to more of them available on the Lezhin Comics platform.

Lezhin Comics And Anime-Planet
Source: Anime Planet

Anime-Planet has a reach of over five million monthly users all over the world. Anime-Planet is a reading platform along with watching platform. One can have a variety of manhwa, manga, light novels, OELs, webtoons, anime, and much more. An interesting feature of the Anime-Planet is that readers can keep track of their history. Moreover, the recommendations are available. One can also filter database using tags, publisher, label info, etc.

With the partnership, Lezhin will provide the webtoon content for the first time to a third party. Furthermore, the president of Lezhin Entertainment US division said, “I’m excited to share the amazing webtoons we have at Lezhin Entertainment with a larger global audience. It’s an amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience with Korean webtoons by partnering with Anime-Planet.”

Moreover, the founder of Anime-Planet stated, “We are amazed to partner with Lezhin.” He added, “Our users will have more variety of webtoons for supporting the legal publishing industry.”

About Lezhin Entertainment

Lezhin was founded in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the popular webtoons companies worldwide. It provides a range of adult and all-age content. Many languages are present such as Korean, Japanese, English, and French.

About Anime-Planet

Fans for fans in 2001 founded Anime-Planet. The platform allows you to keep track of the content you have read. Moreover, it provides a variety of manga, OELs, and webtoons. One can get recommendations of manga based on what you have learned.

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