Komi Can’t Communicate Returns in April 2022!

If Season 1 of the hit romantic comedy series Komi Can’t Communicate wasn’t enough for you then you’re in luck because the producers of the show studio OLM have confirmed that the series will be very much returning this spring!

The hint was given to the fans of the series in the end credits of the series finale when after the episode 12th finishes Komi-san can be seen holding a placard saying that the anime’s second season will be returning to everyone’s screen in April 2022!

Season 1 of the show ended with a blast by concluding the series with the school festival which was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious and entertaining episodes of the entire season.

Image: Netflix

Moreover, we got to see Komi and Tadano getting closer as friends, and we all kind of already pretty much know that there’s a lot more between the two of them that meets the eye. However, the show has just begun!

The manga of the popular anime series is doing tremendously well in sales and is by far one of the most sought out and anticipated shoujo mangas as of yet. Not to mention, that there’s a lot of content for the producers to create not one but two more additional seasons, without any backlog.

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Season 2 of the series will also most likely be 12 episodes long, and hopefully, we’ll get yet another amazing opening and ending theme song, like before! Since the show just ended like 2 weeks ago, it becomes pretty obvious that there’s no trailer for us to adorn as of yet. However, given that the show is pretty much confirmed for a season 2 and hopefully a season 3 we might be getting a trailer soon in the month of February!

Image: Netflix

So, what the hell are you waiting for? If the pandemic and the coronavirus have got you down, and if you still haven’t watched the amazing show Komi can’t communicate, then absolutely do not wait even for a second and watch it on your Netflix screens now!

Will komi and Tadano finally realize their feelings for each other? Or will their friends as usual come in their way! Make sure to keep on reading our posts to know all the latest updates on your favorite animes and mangas.

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