Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 10

Aaaah! Whether we like to believe it or not, school time is definitely one of the best and the most fun times. When things are a bit simple, light-hearted where the typical teenage romance is innocent, unlike the usual adultery shit, and one of the animes that have been giving everyone goody feels is Komi Can’t Communicate.

In episode 10 of Komi Can’t Communicate, we saw that Tadano and his schoolmates are currently taking part in the school sports festival where a brand new character named “Natsu-senpai” is introduced.


We see Komi and Tadano participate in various sports festival events and make many memories. However, one of the critical moments was definitely when Tadano was on the verge of losing and his gaze drifts on to see Komi-san cheering him on, which pumps him up, and he’s able to secure the third position, satisfying his character requirements- the average person.

Another new character is soon introduced in the following story named Onimine-san, who is on very good terms with Tadano and Najime and often helps him out with his class president duties. However, her closeness to Tadano is something that begins worrying Komi as we see her getting a tad bit jealous of her.

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The evidence of which is shown to us when she keeps spying on both of them meanwhile feeling bad that Tadano-kun doesn’t need her help. However, as the series progresses we see Komi-san getting more and more confident in herself and instead of feeling bad and left out she outright tells Tadano that she wants to help! Which he ofcourse gladly accepts. After seeing both of them Onimine-san gets the hint and realises that there is more to both of them that meets the eye and decides to leave the work to both of them and wishes Komi good luck.

The next chapter entails, where Komi wishes to go to a photo booth with Tadano and is joined by Najime and the creepy girl who kidnapped Tadano. The four of them have a blast while posing for the photos and that is when Komi’s attention goes to a toy key chain that she wanted to win. Tadano notices this and wins it for her brining to her desk the next day. Komi however reveals that she went back with najimi and won it. However, when Tadano is putting his gift back she makes a proposal to trade their keychains,and both of them look at each other’s lovingly and get embarrassed when Najimi points it out.


In the extra clip at the end of the episode we see Komi holding Tadano’s keychain and rolling around in her bad happily and gleely.

As the story progresses it becomes pretty obvious that both Tadano and Komi feel something for each other, but will they ever be able to confront them or will it stay hidden forever? To know more about what happens in Komi Can’t Communicate, make sure to watch episode 11 coming soon!


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