Kodansha Releases Yankee Mito Komon Last Chapter After Mangaka’s Tragic Death

As the spectators of Japan and the animated works of its artists, we often quite underestimate the amount of work it takes to write the stories. Stories, which make us laugh and cry that make our hearts leap out of our chests and sometimes scare us to near death. Behind every genius anime and animation studio, there exists a very hard-working mangaka who’s chiming day in and day out to give us the stories that we love soo much to read and watch.

To watch mangaka’s creation in light and to read the ingenuity of their minds is really a huge honor for us as their fans. Therefore, whenever we hear a mangaka getting sick due to work or whatever other reason, it’s shocking beyond the limit. Unfortunately, as many of our readers might already be aware, a similar shock came to all the fans of the popular manga Yankee Mito Komon whose extremely talented writer Hiroto Wada ended up passing away on the 21st of July 2021.

The cause of death of the exceptional writer was officially stated to be due to a Cerebral Hemorrhage, sending huge shockwaves into the manga industry. However, even after suffering from such chronic and life-draining illness, Hiro Wada continued to work on his manga and had completed the latest and the last chapter of Yankee Mito Komon.



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The 10th and the final chapter of Yankee Mito Komon, although written, was yet to be published by the Kodansha Magazine. However, seeing as enough time has passed and in a spirit to bid him a last farewell, Kodansha will release Hiro Wada’s final work, which will continue to spread joy and smiles even after his untimely demise.

We all know how challenging it is to write any manga. However, I personally feel that one of the hardest genres to write is definitely Comedy. To have a great sense of humor and the ability to make someone laugh through your words is a sign of true talent. To be able to make someone laugh till tears fall down from their eyes is what Hiro was known for. Every single one of his works includes weird protagonists in weird settings, whether it is a Pharoah in Tokyo or a strange and fictional tale about a real man.  The truth is Hiro’s lovable and kind personality is truly reflected in his work, and we are proud that even in his time of passing, he is going out by spreading smiles all over. Thus, it is no surprise that his demise has left a huge hole in the manga industry, and he will definitely be missed.