Knights Of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars, Releasing This June!

There is something about the dystopian future of humanity that appeals to every one of us differently. Whether it’s humankind being plagued by zombies or giant titans or being silently killed by infertility, or whether it is simply just those damn good old aliens waiting just to kill us all. No matter what culture we look at, the dystopian future exhibited by them makes us wonder what life would be like if it had been? This sense of curiosity and wonder is what makes this genre the best-selling genre and made Knights Of Sidonia an enjoyable anime to watch.

The anime, which is set in a distant future where the events take place a thousand years after humanity had to flee the earth, is one of the few goods written stories out there. Humankind was forced to flee the earth when Gauna, the shape-shifting aliens, ravaged the planet entirely. Now stranded and lost, the last of the species fled for their lives traveling aboard on spaceships, to be lost in the universe. One of such ships is Sidonia. Now over 1000 years of humanity’s forceful exile from their home, Sidonia harboring a population of over 500,00 people might be one of the last refuges of the human species in the entire world. Now it is up to the people on the ship to find the reason behind Gauna’s attack on their planet and somehow find a way to kill them. Meanwhile, the Sidonia carries mysterious secrets of its own.

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This fascinating plot would be exhibited in the movie, which will most likely continue the story of season 2. It was also released that Funimation has officially bought the licensing rights of the anime, and now both the season of the show is now available on their websites.

Despite getting a 7.8/10 rating from IMDb and 7.7 ratings from MyAnimeList, the knights of Sidonia has sadly been quite an underrated show. With fans being on the hook for almost 5 years with no news of its reproduction. It was as if a gem was lost in the rubble. However, With this new movie, a ray of hope has been given to the fans who were dying to see this beautiful story come to a good end. The movie will also be produced by Funimation and is all set to hit the big screens on the 4th of June 2021. Therefore, make sure to make a complete rerun of the series before buying the tickets for Knights Of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars.