Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen Is Episode 9 Sound Hashira And Innosuke Fall- Let’s Discuss!

Episode 9 of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen titled “How to defeat an upper ranking demon”, was by far one of the best episodes of the entire series. The episode began with a mellow starting showing uzui with his three wives dreaming of living happily like normal people after they’ve defeated all the upper-ranking demons, however, the tragic reality is shown to the viewers almost instantly.

With one of Uzui’s wives Hinatsuru in the grasp of Gyutaro, and for the first time in the entire season we saw Uzui genuinely terrified, and to see one of the hashiras making such a face was by no means easily digestible. Tanjiro, however, is even more terrified because he can’t under any circumstances let another person die in front of him due to his weakness.


Although his body’s now completely broken, tanjiro makes up a new move out of desperation to save a life in front of him and mixes his water breathing technique with the hinokami kagura and he, in the end, was thankfully successful.

Uzui then takes advantage of the commotion and both tanjiro and uzui once again pick up their swords and try to behead gyutaro to fail yet again! However, there are more pressing issues that\n gyutaro because tanjiro notices how both innosuke and zenitsu are also having a lot of difficulty in dealing with gyutaro’s sister daki.


Innosuke asks tanjiro to leave gyutaro to uzui and focus on killing his sister first, and the three of them through their friendship and constantly being together synergize and back up each other and become successful after what seems like forever in beheading daki.

However, the moment of happiness lasted only for a short time because as Iinnosuke was running away with Daki’s severed head he is unfortunately stabbed in his heart by gyutaro who takes his sister’s head back. tanjiro and zenitsu are left shell shocked and when tanjiro loos to find uzui we see a gruesome image of Uzui’s severed hand still grasping his sword.

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Gyutaro then launches yet again, one of the fearsome attacks which shatter and cuts buildings into half instantly and zenitsu jumps over to save tanjiro however, the episode ends with tanjiro falling from the sealing and apologizing for his defeat.


Episode 10 of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen titled “Never give up” will be coming on our screens shortly and seeing how almost the entire crew of 4 are now completely broken and battered, the next few episodes are bound to be not only gut-wrenching but I have a feeling that they’re also going to be heartbreaking!

Are Innosuke and Uzui tengen dead? Will tanjiro and zenitsu be able to confront the upper 6 demons by themselves or will they be once again forced to taste the bitter pain of defeat and lose their friend yet again? To know what happens next on Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen make sure to stay tuned and wait for the next episode coming out next week on 7th February 2022!


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